Episode #046: Andrea Waltz

Assumptions Kill Opportunities!


Andrea Waltz

Andrea Waltz is the co-author of ‘Go For No’ which has been in the Amazon top 20 Sales & Selling Category for the last five years. Andrea is also a renowned Keynote Speaker and is the founder of Courage Crafters Inc., based in Central Florida.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

[00.49] Andrea shares her journey into sales – George Lucas inspired Andrea to move into sales!

[02.40] How Has Selling Changed  – The internet has changed selling.

[06.40] The Key Attributes of a Modern Successful Sales Professional – Ability to read people (Art), Handling objections (Science)

[08.50] Andrea’s Top Three Sales Do’s and Don’ts – Do Ask, Don’t be afraid of the word ‘No’. Spend time talking to qualified buyers, be flexible. Don’t Assume, Assumptions Kill Opportunities!

[11.30] Andrea’s Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lesson – Andrea shares a story of sales persistence over nine years, lesson learned, unless customer says no, never – Don’t ever give up.

[13.07] Andrea’s Advice to Her Younger Self – Read the book ‘The Four Agreements’ sooner.  Chill Out, Don’t Freak Out!

[14.30] Andrea Shares the Underlying Message from her Book – Bonus Question: ‘Go For No’, Top Sales People hear the word ‘No’ more, which invariably means that they hear the word, Yes more as well!

More About Andrea

What is your all time favourite sales-related movie?
Jerry Maguire. To me it’s a sales movie because it’s about failure, success, persistence, and perseverance!

Favourite sales related quote?
“I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.” –  Estée Lauder

Which sales book has had the most positive impact on you?
How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

Who / What inspires you?
I’m inspired by anyone who is trying anything new or striving to be excellent. We hold out the giants of industry (Apple, Paypal, Zappos) which is fine, but there are people and organizations who are small doing amazing things in every nook and cranny of every niche and it’s incredible.

What aspect of your own personal development are you most focussed on improving at the moment?
Funny, it’s a little scattered because I’m reading Tim Ferris’ Tool for Titans book which has content in every are of business and success so the answer is… a salad bar of personal development. I’m picking and choosing what I need to hear day by day.

Hobbies, Interests?
Love movies. And writing fiction