Episode #093 | Best of Series EP#010

Joe Girard, Kristin Zhivago and Jon Ferrara

Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned


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Joe Girard

Joe Girard is a Sales Performance, Psychology and Mindset Coach, Joe is the host of the Sales Hero Podcast and he is passionate about helping sales people to sell more and have fun.

Kristin Zhivago

Kristin Zhivago is an author, speaker and professional trainer. She is the President of Cloud Potential, a customer acquisition company and Cloud Wise Academy, a learn to earn organization that trains workers and employers on the new e-commerce economy. Kristin is also the author of How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.

Jon Ferrara

Jon Ferrara is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of customer relationship management systems. Jon was the creator and co-founder of Goldmine an award winning customer relationship management product. Today, Jon is the CEO of Nimble LLC which is a modern, simple yet effective CRM software tool to help organizations be more productive and profitable.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

Joe Girard – Story about Joe in commission only sales role, Lesson learned focus on the activity and the results will come 

Kristin Zhivago – Kristin shares a story walking out of a call with her tail between her legs having been sent packing by a customer.  You can’t talk anyone into anything anymore, they need to be understood.

Jon Ferrara – Story about Jon selling his company to Microsoft and the lessons he learned from that pursuit