Episode #094 | Best of Series EP#011

Brian Sullivan, Leanne Hoagland Smith and Mark Meincke

Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned


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Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan, Brian is author of the book, 20 Days to the Top: How to Become Your Company’s Top Sales Performer in 20 Days or Less. He is also Founder and CEO of tech company Precise Innovation, maker of GPS Wearable devices for children and elderly which sells in Walmart stores throughout the US.

Leanne Hoagland Smith

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a nationally recognized business building expert with over 4,000 published articles, she has a weekly business column, she is a speaker and she is the Chief Results Officer for ADVANCED SYSTEMS, an international human capital talent development firm based in Indiana. Leanne is also an award winning sales blogger and was the 2016 Lead judge for the Annual North American Women in Sales Awards, she is also the author of ‘Be the red jacket in the sea of gray suits, the keys to unlocking sales success’.

Mark Meincke

Mark Meincke is a multi award winning author, a former professional sales trainer and serial entrepreneur. Mark has more than 12 years sales experience, since leaving the military. Mark was a soldier within the Canadian Light Infantry and is a keen supporter of Veterans affairs and the Canadian Veteran Sales program.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

Brian Sullivan – Brian shares how he was able to get his NEW product into Walmart.

Leanne Hoagland Smith– Leanne shares the selling of a Youth Leadership Program and learned a very valuable lesson, Value is Unique to Each Buyer!

Mark Meincke– Mark shares a story about a deal he didn’t win and the lesson he learned about not being chicken.