Episode #096 | Best of Series EP#013

Mario Martinez Jr, Alice Heiman & Dave Kurlan

Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals


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Mario Martinez Jr

Mario Martinez Jr, Mario is a Keynote speaker, a social selling champion and a huffpost contributor, He is also the CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies which is a San Francisco based social selling and sales training and coaching organization.


Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman is a Sales Strategist, Coach, Author and Speaker. Alice is an award winning sales blogger, as well as a prominent member of the National Speakers Association. We should also mention that Alice started her sales career in the family business Miller-Heiman which is a world renowned Sales Training organization. Alice is also working on her New book which is due out in the fall, its called The Entrepreneurs Guide to Exceptional Sales Growth.

Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan is an award-winning Sales Blogger, a Top-Rated Speaker, a Best-Selling author and a 2012 inductee into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame. He is also the CEO of Objective Management Group which is global sales assessment company.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

Mario Martinez Jr. – (Don’t do Normal, never take ‘No’ for an answer, Brand yourself to be noticed)

Alice Heiman – (Be Kind and Be Helpful)

Dave Kurlan – (Be Kind and Be Helpful)