Episode #114: Barb Giamanco

You Keep Waiting and The World Keeps Passing You By


Barb Giamanco

Barb Giamanco is the earliest evangelist of Social Selling and the author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media. She’s won numerous awards for her commitment to excellence in selling and contributes her expertise and content to the Sales Experts Channel, Top Sales World, Women Sales Pros and through her blog and popular Conversations with Women in Sales and Razor’s Edge podcasts.

[01.04] Barb defines Social Selling – The integration of social media as another set of tools into our overall selling process.

[02.32] Why haven’t some companies embraced social selling  –There is some confusion about the different platforms and what they do.

[03.59] Which social media platforms should a modern sales professional be active in –You don’t need every platform, just the platforms where your potential buyers are likely to be.

[05.26] Are there any tools that you recommend as part of a successful social selling strategy – Barb shares the tools that she would recommend including a strategy, a plan, LinkedIn and Twitter. Barb uses content curation tools like Feedly and Anders Pink, as well as Hubspot CRM for her own social selling activity.  Barb believes that your toolkit should be small and focussed.

[08.50] Barb shares her top three social selling do’s and don’ts – Do be friendly, relationship orientated and engaging, share content and create your own content – start slowly.  Don’t connect and pitch, don’t believe the hype from people who are not experts in this field and don’t be inpatient.

[12.25] Barb shares her favourite social selling story – Barb shares her story about how the Harvard Business Review committee connected with Barb after following her social presence, activity and engagement for 6 months prior to asking for her support to write an article on Social Selling. People are paying attention even though you may not know about it.

[15.02] What advice would you give to a CEO who hasn’t leaped using social selling – Barb advises to stop waiting, technology keeps evolving, it’s part of the selling process, and ask for help.

More About Barb

What was the last book you read?
Sales Ex Machina: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Selling

Who / What inspires you?
I’m always inspired by upbeat, forward-thinking people who are focused on bringing about positive change in our world or have thrived amidst difficult circumstances. I admire many people from throughout history like Queen Elizabeth I, Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Today, I look to people like Bill and Melinda Gates who are doing incredible things for our world through their foundation.

What aspect of your own Social Selling program are you most focused on improving at the moment?
I’m always thinking about better ways to measure my progress against my outreach goals. Even though I create/share a fair amount of content on LinkedIn, LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy for you to get data on what is working best for you. Today, we have to pick up numbers from individual posts, which I do and keep in a spreadsheet to help me gauge what type of content and messaging works best.

Hobbies, Interests?
I’m an avid reader, love the outdoors, hanging with my dog Lily (a black lab, boxer mix), all things technology, music, food, wine and travel.

How can our listeners contact with you?
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/barbaragiamanco www.twitter.com/barbaragiamanco Phone: +1-404-647-4925 www.barbgiamanco.com www.womeninsaleshub.com