Episode #162: Leeno Karumanchery

Measure, Measure, Measure, Report, Report, Report.


Leeno Karumanchery

Leeno is Chief Diversity Officer for MESH Diversity, a Canadian software company that offers an online hiring tool that helps ensure behavioral fit of employees for both diversity and inclusion.

[00.56] Leeno defines the term ‘Sales Technology Stack’ – as a combination of different processes including the notion, the tools, the training and the processes to obtain market insights that help a salesperson do their job effectively as well as finding the right people to do the job.

[02.14] Why is it so important for businesses today to have a solid sales technology stack? – Leeno explains that just being an excellent sales person doesn’t necessarily mean you would make a good account manager, so being able to use technology stack to find the right people for the right job will help set businesses apart.

[03.32] Leeno explains why salespeople resist taking on new technologies as part of their day-to-day sales roles – Leeno feels that some humans just don’t like change and it’s just part of being human. If you’re going through a change process of any kind, 30% of people fight you tooth and nail whether you’re in sales or not.

[04.42] Leeno discusses some sales technologies that modern sales professionals be using as a minimum –the basic ones that allow you to do your job, whether it’s email, CRM, social is going to be important. Anything that allows you to create this repetitive process that allows you to repeat success. Leeno also explains that finding the right skills sets for the right sales job is becoming more paramount every single day.

[06.38] What are the attributes of a good sales professional – Leeno feels that the answer to this question depends on the type of sales a sales professional does. For example being in inside sales, needs someone who can handle quick calls, high volume activity with quick turn around, not necessarily someone who is good at making relationship building.

[09.25] Leeno shares his top three Sales Technology Stack Do’s and Don’ts –One of Leeno’s do’s is measure, measure, measure, report, report, report!!

[10.32] Leeno shares his favourite sales story that incorporated the use of Modern Sales Technology – Leeno shares a story of how being able to use Zoom, a video calling platform, he was able to pick up on visual facial expressions on a call that was insightful to his conversation. Something he would not have been able to do if it was on the telephone.

[12.23] 30 second Pitch Slap – Leeno pitches MESH Diversity’s platform which helps organizations when it comes to identifying people who have the right behaviors for the types of role and fit the culture.

More About Leeno

What was the last book you read?
The God of Small Things by Arunduthu Roy

Who / What inspires you?
People don’t tend to inspire me. – But the capacity of people does. I’m never overly impressed with individual success or accomplishments, but in a child’s ability to master a second language, in a person’s ability to adapt to sudden sharp life changes.

What aspect of your Sales Technology Stack are you most focused on at the moment?
I am always focused on using ZOOM ironically.

Hobbies, Interests?
Every vice you can imagine. Single malt scotch. Guitar. Napping.

How can our listeners contact with you?