Episode #269 – Fred Copestake

Leverage Video to Set Yourself Apart

Fred Copestake


Fred Copestake

Fred Copestake is the Founder of Brindis, a sales training consultancy. He’s also the author of ‘Selling Through Partnering Skills’ and ‘Hybrid Selling’. Since 1999, he has worked with thousands of salespeople in thirty-six countries and continues to encourage salespeople to refine their approach and be more collaborative.

According to Fred Copestake, social selling is using the platforms and technology available to you to create a personal brand and start conversations. Digital selling is using technology to continue conversations. The use of video (synchronous or asynchronous) is a piece of the puzzle that’s often neglected. Hear why Fred thinks that’s a huge mistake in this episode of Sales Reinvented!

In this episode of @SalesReinvented, @FredCopestake shares how to leverage video to set yourself apart in digital sales. Check it out! #SalesReinvented #Sales #Video #Technology #Digital #DigitalSales #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:08] The difference between digital and social sales
  • [1:49] How to improve digital and social selling
  • [2:36] Fred’s perfect digital selling strategy
  • [3:50] The attributes of a great digital seller
  • [4:51] Tools, techniques, and strategies to improve
  • [7:55] Top three digital selling dos and don’ts
  • [9:58] What not to do when recording a video

Fred’s perfect digital selling strategy

Fred’s digital selling blueprint is built around video. What do you need to do on video? What’s the purpose? To communicate or achieve a goal, right? Salespeople need to be equipped with the time and skills to utilize video with their prospects and customers. The use of video in digital sales is what will keep them engaged and move the sales process forward.

Tools, techniques, and strategies to improve

Fred recommends Vidyard all the time as an asynchronous video option. It’s free and easy to use. If you’re talking synchronous video, you’ll need Zoom, Teams, etc. Then you need to figure out where and how to apply it. Where can it be used in the process? With prospecting? After-meeting follow-ups? To send a proposal?

What is the video trying to achieve? Fred emphasizes that you must be succinct and punchy. You can get a lot across if your video is well-constructed. Another expert tip? Fred recommends investing in a great microphone to make sure you’re recording great audio. If people can’t hear you, they check out and lose concentration. The perceived credibility of the speaker also lowers if they can’t hear you.

In this episode of @SalesReinvented, @FredCopestake shares some tools, techniques, and strategies you can use to improve your #digital sales. #SalesReinvented #Sales #Video #Technology #DigitalSales #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

Top three digital selling dos and don’ts

Fred shares some great dos and don’ts:

  • Get a good microphone.
  • Don’t mess about with childish backgrounds in your videos.
  • Use a natural background that is tidy.
  • Avoid moving off-screen or out of the shot. You are on the video all the time—act like it.
  • Encourage your customer to have their video on. People will feel more engaged and it’s closer to the real-life environment.
  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do things that some salespeople are holding back on. It’s still in its infancy and you need to take advantage of video.

What NOT to do when recording a video

Fred decided to embrace sending video emails, especially because it’s something that he preaches. He was trying to get a guest on his podcast to talk about virtual selling. In fact, he was sending a video to Tyler Lessard, one of THE experts on digital selling. So he recorded a video using Vidyard.

Fred tried to be clever in his video and hid behind his chair, saying, “People are scared, please come on, share all of these great tips…” He sent the video without reviewing it. Turns out, he sent the video without sound. He sent a silent video of him cowering behind a chair. He prepped for the video, reflected best practices—making it relevant and personal—but forgot to double-check before he sent it. Tyler did end up on his podcast, Fred jokingly saying it was likely out of pity more than anything else.

It’s all about preparation and follow-through. He thought about what he was going to say, how he was going to say it, and the purpose behind it (what he wanted to achieve). It was punchy and short and interesting. Give yourself a moment to prepare—and execute—well.

What should you NOT do when recording a video? @FredCopestake shares what to avoid in this episode of @SalesReinvented! #SalesReinvented #Sales #Video #Technology #Digital #DigitalSales #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

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More About Fred Copestake

Are there any great Digital or Social Selling books that you highly recommend? Visual Sale – Tyler Lessard and Marcus Sheridan. Virtual Selling – Mike Shultz, David Shaby, Andy Springer. Hype Yourself – Lucy Werner (not strictly on the subject but much the thinking can be applied). My new book ‘Hybrid Selling’ has a cool chapter on it as it is an important part of the overall approach salespeople will need to use to futureproof themselves… but not the only part!

What do you most admire in the sphere of Digital or Social Selling and why? Tyler Lessard – great book, Mario Martinez Jr – great energy, Will Aitken – great content, Alexander Low – great overviews, all great blokes too!

Are there any aspects of your own Digital or Social Selling skills that you are working on improving at the moment? I’m working on creating more assets including growing my YouTube channel and taking an interest in how AI can do the heaving lifting in content creation

Hobbies, Interests? Sport – especially rugby. But after a playing and refereeing career I’m enjoying a spectator role now

How can our listeners contact with you? LinkedIn