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Episode #054: Craig Elias (Coming Soon)

Verbs and Value

Craig Elias is Speaker, Advisor, Trainer and Mentor. Craig was the winner of the Billion Dollar Idea contest which came with a million dollar prize, he was a contributing author to the Amazon and Wall Street Journal ‘Masters of Sales’ book as well as co-author of the award winning book – SHiFT: Harness the Trigger Events that turn prospects into Customers.

Build Your Personal Brand

Maxwell Bogner is the Founder and Owner of which is an online resource which was developed to inspire and empower Millennials to be all that they can be in the field of Sales and Selling. Maxwell is an entrepreneur and is keen to make a difference for his peers.

The 500lb Phone

Julie Hansen is the author of Sales Presentations for Dummies which outlines how sales professionals can engage their audience, leverage the power of storytelling and use customer insights to ensure that their solution is top of mind with customers through presentations. Julie is also the Founder and Sales Presentation Expert at Performance Sales and Training.

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