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Applying Theater to Sales Storytelling

Guest: Charles McFarland

Why Imaginative Storytelling Sells

Guest: Janice B Gordon

Bob Apollo’s Mantra: Resist the Itch to Pitch

Guest: Bob Apollo

How Personal Stories Can Be Relevant in Sales

Guest: Kristie Jones

Storytelling Drives Connections that Result in Sales

Guest: Justin Zappulla

Humans Communicate with Story

Guest: Melissa Madian

How to Combat Anti-Stories with Story

Guest: Indranil Chakroborty

Relevant Examples are Key to Good Storytelling

Guest: Amy Franko

The Three Forces of Story

Guest: Mark Smyth

How Stories Make You Stand Out

Guest: Bernadette McClelland

Choosing Your Perfect Story

Guest: Kyle Gray

Why Salespeople Need to Create Emotional Context in their Stories

Guest: Dan Seidman

Craft Stories with Episodic Moments

Guest: Gideon For-mukwai

The 4 Elements of a Compelling Story

Guest: John Livesay

Purposeful Storytelling Sells

Guest: Cathy Goodwin

Stories = The Fastest Path to Sales

Guest: Mike Adams

Storytelling Sells (AND Saves Lives)

Guest: Shaun Bernstein

Overcome Discovery Resistance with Stories

Guest: Mike Bosworth

The 6 Basic Elements of a Great Sales Story

Guest: Edith Crnkovich

Why Purposeful Storytelling is Key in Sales

Guest: Jim DeLorenzo

How to Master Compelling Story Selling

Guest: Roy Furr

Crafting Stories that Sell

Guest: Paul Smith

The Value of Storytelling in Sales

Guest: Mary Jane Copps

Reduce Reactivity in Territory Management with Time-Blocking

Guest: Rick Denley

Master Territory Management

Guest: Santino Pasutto

A Blended Pipeline Approach to Sales Planning

Guest: Tibor Shanto

How to Execute Your Territory Sales Plan

Guest: Joe Girard

Territory Sales Planning Success Starts with Upper Management

Guest: Wes Schaeffer

Approach Your Territory with a Growth Mindset

Guest: Jeff Bajorek

Control Your Territory—Don’t Let It Control You

Guest: Mark Hunter

A Servant-Minded Salesperson is THE Most Successful

Guest: Tom Ninness

How the Past Directs Your Territory Sales Plan

Guest: Lisa Leitch

How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Territory Planning

Guest: John Smibert

Data-Driven Sales Territory Planning

Guest: Carrie Millen

A Highly Effective Territory Sales Planning Roadmap

Guest: Wayne Moloney

Badger Maps: Make Route Planning for Your Territory a Breeze

Guest: Steve Benson

Creative Laziness: The Key to Successful Territory Sales Planning

Guest: Steve Hall

The Nuts and Bolts of Territorial Sales Planning

Guest: Liz Heiman

Become A Sales Territory Superstar Through Effective Territory Planning

Guest: Michael Griego

How Detailed Planning Can Empower Your Sales Territory Planning

Guest: Paula White

Effective Sales Territory Planning For Sales Managers

Guest: Brynne Tillman

How Acting Skills can Improve Your Virtual Selling Capabilities

Guest: Julie Hansen

Actions, Attitude, and Approach = Digital Improvement

Guest: Walker McKay

Liz Heiman’s 4 Cs of Selling

Guest: Liz Heiman

Identify and Overcome Your Gaps To Succeed with Virtual Selling

Guest: Tom Pisello

Why Your Mode of Communication Matters in Digital Sales

Guest: Lori Richardson

Engagement Must Start Early in the Buyer’s Journey

Guest: Subhanjar Sarkar

Be on the Leading Edge of Technology

Guest: Kendra Lee

Why You Must Hyper-Personalize Your Digital Sales Approach

Guest: Darryl Praill

Liz Wendling’s “Verbal 2×4” Social Selling Strategy

Guest: Liz Wendling

Leverage Video to Set Yourself Apart

Guest: Fred Copestake

Interactive Selling in the Virtual World

Guest: Joanne Black

Reverse Engineer the Data to Create a “Wow” Moment

Guest: Graham Hawkins

Digital Sales: Embracing the Old with the New

Guest: Paula White

Creative Tips to Transform Digital Selling

Guest: Kurt Shaver

Social Selling = Building Relationships

Guest: Diane Helbig

The Power of Signal Intelligence in Digital Sales

Guest: Jamie Shanks

Leverage Your Connections with Your Social Selling Strategy

Guest: Brynne Tillman

Selling Successfully in a Digital World

Guest: Bob Apollo

Focus on Social Prospecting—NOT Social Selling

Guest: Patti Pokorchak

Successful Digital Marketing Relies on Relevant + Valuable Content

Guest: Steve Benson

Agility and Flexibility are Key to Digital Success

Guest: Carole Mahoney

Embrace Tech: Modernize the Way You Sell

Guest: Tony Hughes

Harness the Power of LinkedIn for Social Sales Success

Guest: Viveka von Rosen

Embrace Email In Your Digital Sales Strategy

Guest: Ryan Kugler

Relationships Make Digital Selling a Success

Guest: Bill McCormick

7 Strategies to Supercharge Your Social Selling Effectiveness

Guest: Janice B Gordon

How to Improve Your Digital Sales

Guest: Justin Zappulla

Improve Digital Selling by Making Powerful Connections

Guest: Julie Hansen

Shane Gibson’s Digital Selling Blueprint

Guest: Shane Gibson

Credibility is the Prospecting Game-Changer You Need

Guest: Lee Smith

How to Master Your Sales Presentations

Guest: Victor Antonio

Understand Your Customer’s World to Prospect Successfully

Guest: Mark Boundy

Why Consistent Prospecting is Worth the Effort

Guest: Steve Hall

Salespeople Need to Be Hungry

Guest: Mark Sellers

Get a Prospecting System in Place Now

Guest: Diane Helbig

Why You Must Prospect for Choice

Guest: Marcus Cauchi

Why Prospecting is a Long Game

Guest: Ian Moyse

Why You Must Craft a Transformational Message

Guest: Sonia Dumas

Proper Prospecting: Cultivate an Awareness of Needs

Guest: Nick Kane

Lead Generation Dos and Don’ts

Guest: Kendra Lee

Stop Over-Complicating Prospecting + Lead Generation

Guest: Mark Hunter

Never Split the Difference

Guest: Chris Voss

A Great Prospector is Resilient in the Face of Challenges

Guest: Justin Zappulla

Curiosity About Your Prospects is What Closes Sales

Guest: Alice Heiman

How Tim Hughes Turns Social Selling On Its Head

Guest: Tim Hughes

Overcome Sales Call Reluctance to Prospect Successfully

Guest: Connie Kadansky

The Double Funnel Lead Generation Methodology

Guest: Darryl Praill

How Great Content Impacts the Sales Process

Guest: Carole Mahoney

The Revenue Machine Blueprint

Guest: Christopher Ryan

The Best Way for Salespeople to Open Doors

Guest: Caryn Kopp

What Does Success Look Like For You Right Now?

Guest: Jeff Bajorek and Christie Walters-Herbert

It’s Time to Rethink the Way You Prospect

Guest: Jeff Bajorek

Why Referral-Driven Lead Generation is a Game-changer

Guest: Joanne Black

The Importance of Trigger Events

Guest: Tony Hughes

Brynne Tillman’s Genius LinkedIn Prospecting Process

Guest: Brynne Tillman

How to Get Better Prospecting Results

Guest: Chad Burmeister

You Must Plan Before you Prospect

Guest: Mary Grothe

Why a Compelling Offer is SO Important to Prospecting

Guest: Cory Bray

Consistency + Persistence = Successful Prospecting

Guest: Kristie Jones

Want to Be Successful Prospecting? Here’s what You Need to Do

Guest: Adam Snider

Why You Need to KNOW Your Perfect Potential Customer

Guest: Kim Albee

The Key to Successful Lead Generation and Prospecting

Guest: Bill McCormick

Why Time is a Powerful Negotiation Tool

Guest: Jodi Cahn

Negotiation Tactics—with a Twist

Guest: Philip Brown

Why Negotiation is a Problem-Solving Process

Guest: Susan Borke

Negotiation Techniques You MUST Learn

Guest: Santino Pasutto

Build Options Into Your Negotiation

Guest: Sheila Heen

The Power of Leverage in Negotiation

Guest: Steve Hall

The Role of Intellectual Curiosity in Negotiation

Guest: Mike Macchiarelli

Why you NEED to Know Your Walk-Away Point

Guest: Diane Helbig

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable with Negotiation

Guest: Perry Green

Negotiation Tools, Tactics, and Strategies

Guest: Kristie Jones

Ask Leading Questions in Negotiation

Guest: Ian Moyse

Why You Must Maintain Healthy Tension in the Negotiation Process

Guest: Melissa Madian

Why Emotional Control is Imperative in a Negotiation

Guest: Jeb Blount

How to Become a Successful Negotiator

Guest: Mladen Kresic

How Your Mental Mindset Impacts a Negotiation

Guest: Mary Grothe

How to Master the Negotiation Process

Guest: Chad Burmeister

Why Successful Negotiations Hinge on Relationship Building

Guest: Dr. Daniel Shapiro

Salespeople Must Embrace the Negotiation Conversation

Guest: Nicole Soames

The Importance of a Collaborative Negotiation

Guest: Keld Jensen

How ‘Buying Personalities’ Influence the Negotiation Process

Guest: Sonia Dumas

Negotiation Preparation is THE Key to Success

Guest: Scott Chepow

Develop Self-Awareness as the Foundation of Productivity

Guest: Bob Apollo

Is Time Management the Key to Productivity?

Guest: Mark Sellers

Focus on a Customer-Centric Culture to Become More Productive

Guest: Steve Hall

When Being Productive Means NOT Closing the Deal

Guest: Ian Moyse

Sales Engagement is a Key Driver of Productivity

Guest: Darryl Praill

Leveraging Referrals Positively Impacts Productivity

Guest: Joanne Black

A Productive Salesperson Must Have Excellent Communication Skills

Guest: Anthony Solimini

How Accountability Impacts Productivity

Guest: Kristie Jones

Productivity Begins with Proactive Prospecting

Guest: Lisa Leitch

Productivity is Defined by the Outcomes Achieved

Guest: Mark Hunter

Reinvent Your Definition of Productivity

Guest: Jeff Bajorek

How to Prioritize High-Value Activities

Guest: Amy Franko

Revenue = Frequency x Competency: Learn How to Balance the Equation

Guest: Chad Burmeister

How Behavioral Intelligence Drives Productivity

Guest: Mary Grothe

The Interplay Between Goal Alignment and Productivity

Guest: Christopher Ryan

The Impact of Critical Thinking Skills on a Sales Professional’s Productivity

Guest: Deb Calvert

How to Leverage LinkedIn Lead Generation in a Productive Way

Guest: Bill McCormick

Personal Productivity takes Drive and Discipline

Guest: Dionne Mischler

Sales Planning and Productivity Measurement

Guest: Luigi Prestinenzi

Emotional Literacy is Key to Sales Productivity

Guest: Connie Kadansky

Properly Prioritizing Tasks Leads to Productivity

Guest: Liz Heiman

The Basics of Productive Pre-Call Planning

Guest: Lisa Magnuson

Productive Habits Every Salesperson Should Embrace

Guest: Chris Croft

Top Productivity Tips to Become an Impactful Salesperson

Guest: Noelle Leemburg

Increase Your Productivity to Improve Your Sales Performance

Guest: Meridith Elliott Powell

How to Become a Productive Sales Professional

Guest: Barb Giamanco

A Powerful Productivity Process for Salespeople

Guest: Scott Ingram

How to Maximize Sales Productivity

Guest: Brynne Tillman

A Productivity Formula for the Sales Professional

Guest: George Brontén

Simple Steps Towards Productivity Improvement in Sales

Guest: Carole Mahoney

Evaluate the ROI before Making a Decision

Guest: Steve Benson

Anchor Down

Guest: Drew D’Agostino

CRM is the Starting Point

Guest: Wart Fransen

Measure, Measure, Measure, Report, Report, Report

Guest: Leeno Karumanchery

Stack Around Your Established Sales Process

Guest: Kevin Dixon

Robots Can’t Replicate The Human Connection

Guest: Kate Bradley Chernis

People Buy Better Versions of Themselves with AI

Guest: Jon Ferrara

Maximize Sales Conference ROI With AI

Guest: Shawn Finder

Fight the App Addiction

Guest: Victor Antonio

Shiny Object Syndrome

Guest: Nancy Nardin

The Funny, Charming and Detached Negotiator

Guest: Chris Croft

The Triangle of Truth

Guest: Lisa Earle McLeod

Bridging the Knowing and Doing Gap

Guest: Allan Tsang

‘Yes If….’ and ‘No, But If….’

Guest: Mike Inman

Don’t Defend, Justify or Explain

Guest: Mark Meincke

Building Your Negotiation Muscle

Guest: Melissa Hereford

Putting the Swagger Back Into Negotiation

Guest: Jeff Bajorek

Creativity Over Compromise

Guest: Josh Weiss

Negotiating with Empathy

Guest: Amy Franko

Guest: Herb Cohen

Take the Baggage Off the Table

Guest: Todd Camp

United Breaks Guitars, 10 Year Anniversary

Guest: Dave Carroll

The Devil is in the Details

Guest: Patrick Tinney

Compassionate Curiosity

Guest: Kwame Christian

No Naked No’s and Yes’s

Guest: Randy Kutz

Collaborative vs Competitive

Guest: Lucy Chamberlain

It’s Not About Technique, It’s About Trust and Honesty

Guest: Derek Arden

Negotiate With Genuine Intent

Guest: James Muir

You Can’t Sell and Negotiate At The Same Time

Guest: Donald Hatter

Principles Unite, Specifics Divide

Guest: Deborah Kolb

Understand The Nibble

Guest: Mike Figliuolo

Positive Attitude = Positive Outcomes

Guest: Kim Orlesky

Manage Your Concessions

Guest: Mark Raffan

The Power is in the Pre Work

Guest: Joanne M Smith

Guest: George Siedel

Patience Trumps Discounts

Guest: Shawn Karol Sandy

Everybody Wins

Guest: Jay Heinrichs

The Power of Open Ended Questions

Guest: Jeanette Nyden

AI – The Devil’s in the Details

Guest: Roy Raanani

Man and Machine Working Together – Machine collected Human Verified

Guest: Manoj Ramnani

AI – You Can’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect

Guest: Jeff Koser

AI – A Humanising Affect On The Profession Of Selling

Guest: Paul Teshima

AI – Know Where You Want To Go

Guest: Erroin Martin

The Logic Tree of Purgatory

Guest: Dan Reich

Could Social Selling be Your Legacy?

Guest: Tim Hughes

Always Be Connecting

Guest: Kurt Shaver

Don’t Stalk Your Customers!

Guest: Daniel Disney

Don’t Be Like Blockbuster!

Guest: Viveka Von Rosen

You Can’t Automate Relationship Building

Guest: Mark Williams

Social Selling, Embrace Positive Risk

Guest: Patrick Tinney

Lead With Their Need If You Want To Succeed

Guest: Jim Cathcart

Hyper Personalize

Guest: Mario Martinez Jr

You Keep Waiting and The World Keeps Passing You By

Guest: Barb Giamanco

You Need to Be Where Your Customers Are

Guest: Steve Hall

The Who and the Where

Guest: Dave Byrnes

You’ve Gotta Earn the Right in Social

Guest: Ian Moyse

Don’t get the Digital Door Slammed in your Face

Guest: Mark White

The Drive-by Mailbox

Guest: Matt Heinz

Getting Visible, Valuable and Connected

Guest: Jack Kosakowski

The Buy, Buy, Buy becomes Bye-Bye

Guest: Elinor Stutz

You have to Teach them, to Reach them

Guest: Tom Hopkins

The Importance of Social CEO’s

Guest: Andrew Jenkins

The Luckiest Guy on LinkedIn

Guest: Dennis Brown

Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Guests: Mike Weinberg, Jeff Koser and Koka Sexton

Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Guests: Janet Leblanc, Brian Carroll and Carole Mahoney

Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Guests: Willis Turner, Diane Helbig and Craig Elias

Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Guests: Charlie Green, Brynne Tillman and Brian Lambert

Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Guests: Dave Stein, Alice Kemper and Ago Cluytens

Best of Advice to Younger Self

Guests: Wendy Weiss, Frank Cespedes and Viveka Von Rosen

Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Guests: Trish Bertuzzi, Brent Adamson and Lisa Dennis

Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Guests: Mario Martinez Jr, Alice Heiman & Dave Kurlan

Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Guests: Ian Brodie, Jennifer Leake and Alen Mayer

Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Guests: Brian Sullivan, Leanne Hoagland Smith and Mark Meincke

Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Guests: Joe Girard, Kristin Zhivago and Jon Ferrara

Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Guests: Tom Hopkins, Jill Konrath and Bob Burg

Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Guests: Jack Malcolm, Carrie Millen and Dave Brock

Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Guests: James Muir, Deb Calvert and Jeb Blount

Best of Advice to Younger Self

Guests: Connie Kadansky, Jamie Shanks and Elinor Stutz

Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Guests: Anthony Iannarino, Maura Schreier Fleming and Tony Hughes

Best of Do’s and Don’ts

Guests: Tibor Shanto, Laura Posey and Brian Halligan

Best of Do’s and Don’ts

Guests: Mike Kunkle, Nancy Bleeke and Tony Hughes

Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Guests: Dan Disney, Jill Rowley and Cian Mcloughlin

Best of Do’s and Don’ts

Guests: Mark Hunter, Barb Giamanco and Craig Wortmann

The Five Rights

Mark Bernard is an Author, a Keynote Speaker and a Sales Trainer. Mark is the owner and founder of Bernard Training Solutions which is an Alberta based Sales Training company. He has co-authored two books Mastering the Art of Success and Sales Gurus Speak Out.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

Jane Gentry is a Sales Consultant, Executive Coach and Speaker. Jane is the principal at JaneGentry & Company, which is a Greater Atlanta based Sales and Sales Leadership Consultancy.

Selling to Zebras

Jeff Koser is the founder and CEO of Selling to Zebras, which is a sales enablement software platform which helps organizations quickly identify opportunities that have a low chance of closing so your sales team can focus on the ones that they have the greatest chance of success with. He is also the author of the bestselling book Selling to Zebras, How to close 90% of the business you pursue, faster more easily and more profitably.

Don’t Succumb to Creeping Self Doubt

Jeff Beals is a Professional Speaker, an award winning Author and a Sales Strategist. He has authored two books Selling Saturdays and Self Marketing Power.

Build Bigger Pipelines

Matt Heinz is an Author, a Keynote Speaker and a Consultant. Matt is the President of Heinz Marketing which is a Greater Seattle based marketing consultancy as well as the host of Sales Pipeline Radio.

Plan for Emotional Connections

Janet LeBlanc is a recognized leader in the world of Customer Experience Management, she is a Business Strategist, an Author and a KEYNOTE Speaker. Janet is the Founder and President of Janet LeBlanc and Associates Inc which is A NORTH AMERICAN consultancy driving results for both private AND public sector organizations.

Be Human

Andy Paul is a Top-Rated Sales Podcaster, a Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach. His book Zero Time Selling provides 10 essential steps to accelerate every company’s sales. Andy is also the host of Accelerate which is long running sales podcast which has just reached it’s 500th episode.

Visibility Creates Opportunity

Koka Sexton is Mr Social Selling himself, as the former head of Social Media for LinkedIn, Koka spearheaded the evolution of Social Selling, he was named as no.1 on the Forbes Top 30 Social Salespeople in the world. Today Koka is an Global Industry Principle for Hootsuite which is a global market leader in the field of social media management software.

Be Kind and Be Helpful

Alice Heiman is a Sales Strategist, Coach, Author and Speaker. Alice is an award winning sales blogger, as well as a prominent member of the National Speakers Association. We should also mention that Alice started her sales career in the family business Miller-Heiman which is a world renowned Sales Training organization. Alice is also working on her New book which is due out in the fall, its called The Entrepreneurs Guide to Exceptional Sales Growth.

Don’t Ignore the Customer

Michael Griego is an International Sales Thought Leader, a Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Author. His book 42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness offers practical advice to anyone looking to improve their sales skills.

Winners and Whiners

Mike Weinberg is a Consultant, a Speaker, a Bestselling Author and a Sales Coach. His books Sales Management Simplified and New Sales Simplified are both Amazon bestsellers and Mike was named by Forbes as a top sales influencer.

Sales is the Result of Value Created

Vince Fowler is an executive and business coach, a TEDx Speaker, workshop facilitator and Military Veteran. After leaving the Canadian Military, Vince pursued a successful career in professional sales before moving into business coaching. Vince is the founder of The Measurable Difference, a successful bi-monthly networking and speaking event as well as business mastery unplugged which is an online podcast and business resource library.

Service is the New Sales

Jon Ferrara is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of customer relationship management systems. Jon was the creator and co-founder of Goldmine an award winning customer relationship management product. Today, Jon is the CEO of Nimble LLC which is a modern, simple yet effective CRM software tool to help organizations be more productive and profitable.

No Excuses, Own It

Colleen Stanley is the author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, she is an international sales keynote speaker and has been recognized as one of the top 50 sales bloggers in the world for the last 3 years. Salesforce has named Colleen as one of the most influential sales figures of the 21stCentury.

Activity Measured is Activity Improved

David Fisher is a Keynote speaker and author, He delivers a program called Hyper-Connected Selling which focusses on the convergence of social selling, networking and old school sales techniques – everything you need to win business in the modern world. David is also the President and Business Coach at Rockstar Consulting and authored the best-selling book ‘Why Your Network Sucks and What to Do About It’.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Brad Pearse is the Director of New Business Development for Retail at Cydcor which is a global leader in outsourced face to face sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies around the globe, Brad is an accomplished modern sales practitioner and is passionate about our mission and vision at Sales Reinvented and is excited to share his passion for the profession with our listeners.

Sales is a Language of Questions

Jeb Blount is an author, a speaker and a sales acceleration specialist. Jeb has written a number of best-selling sales books including notably Fanatical Prospecting the ultimate guide to opening sales conversations and filling the pipeline as well as Sales EQ, how ultra high performers leverage emotional intelligence to close complex deals. Jeb is also the host of the Sales Gravy Podcast.

Don’t Put Your Agenda First

Mike Schultz is a world-renowned consultant, speaker, sales trainer and sales expert. He has authored several books including notably Wall Street Journal best-seller ‘Rainmaking Conversations’ and ‘Insight Selling’. Mike is the President of RAIN Group, an international sales training and consulting firm.

100% Immunity to Rejection

Nick Ruiz is an author, a speaker and an Entrepreneur, He is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and a twice self-made millionaire entrepreneur who made his millions in his twenties, and again after the economic collapse of 2008 that led to Bankruptcy. Nick has published two books Flip which is a unconventional guide to becoming a real estate entrepreneur and his New book Success from Scratch which looks at mental strategies for success in a survival of the fittest environment.

From Battlefield to Business

Mr Jay Jackson is military veteran, a mindset expert, a master strategist, speaker and an author. Jay is the founder and Chief Performance Officer at Jay Jackson Elite Performance Coaching which is a Georgia based leadership coaching firm specializing in the development of high performance teams.

You Can’t Talk Anyone into Anything Anymore!

Kristin Zhivago is an author, speaker and professional trainer. She is the President of Cloud Potential, a customer acquisition company and Cloud Wise Academy, a learn to earn organization that trains workers and employers on the new e-commerce economy. Kristin is also the author of How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.

The Only Sales Podcast Episode You Will Ever Need to Listen to!

Anthony Iannarino is a Sales Kick-Off Speaker, Best selling author, Executive Sales & Marketing Leader and Transformational Sales Specialist. He recently wrote and published ‘The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need’ which is already a best-seller. Anthony is also the host of ‘In the Arena’ which is an amazing sales podcast sharing the latest sales techniques and mindsets from top professionals in the business.

Ex-Husbands Make the Best Competitors!

Bernadette McClelland is CEO of Sales Leaders Global – a Melbourne based sales consulting firm that works with businesses globally to help them increase their sales when their numbers aren’t where they need them to be. She is also the Author of ‘The Art of Commercial Conversations – When it’s Your Turn to Make a Difference’ and a finalist in the Top Sales World book of the year contest in 2015 and 2016, Bernadette is also a respected industry authority in the field of ‘NeuroScience in today’s B2B Selling Environment’.

How to be a Sales Athlete

Brian Lambert is an organizational learning, Sales Enablement and Change Management Leader, Brian has also authored many books including notably Sales Chaos which is a must read for anyone who wants to learn how to navigate the predictable patterns in the complex modern world of sales. Brian is also a founding member of the Sales Enablement Society.

Curious, Imaginative and Paranoid

Jack Malcolm is an author, speaking and coach in the field of Sales and Persuasive Communications. He is the President of Falcon Performance Group which is a Miami based consultancy firm. Jack has authored a number of sales books including notably ‘Strategic Sales Presentations’ which is an Amazon five star rated book focussed on Strategic Sales Presentations to High Level Decision Makers.

Stop Selling, Start Caring

Carrie Millen is an accomplished sales and leadership speaker as well as a sales trainer and coach. She is the Director of Professional Development at the Canadian Professional Sales Association and holds the Certified Sales Professional Designation (CSP) with Distinction. Carrie is dedicated to changing the face of professional sales in Canada.

Don’t be a ‘Salesy Weirdo’

Joe Girard is a Sales Performance, Psychology and Mindset Coach, Joe is the host of the Sales Hero Podcast and he is passionate about helping sales people to sell more and have fun.

Sales is a Helping Profession

Charlie Green is an author, a speaker, a consultant and a seminar leader. He co-wrote the bestselling sales book The Trusted Advisor, Charlie has an MBA from Harvard Business School and is the Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates which is a New Jersey based Professional Training and Coaching Organization.

Don’t Force Friendships with Customers

Brynne Tillman is a world-renowned speaker and author in the field of Social Selling. She is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer for PeopleLinx which is a Greater Philadelphia based sales consultancy offering Guided LinkedIn and Social Selling support for Enterprise Sales Teams and Professionals.

Verbs and Value

Craig Elias is Speaker, Advisor, Trainer and Mentor. Craig was the winner of the Billion Dollar Idea contest which came with a million dollar prize, he was a contributing author to the Amazon and Wall Street Journal ‘Masters of Sales’ book as well as co-author of the award winning book – SHiFT: Harness the Trigger Events that turn prospects into Customers.

Build Your Personal Brand

Maxwell Bogner is the Founder and Owner of which is an online resource which was developed to inspire and empower Millennials to be all that they can be in the field of Sales and Selling. Maxwell is an entrepreneur and is keen to make a difference for his peers.Presentation Expert at Performance Sales and Training.

The 500lb Phone

Julie Hansen is the author of Sales Presentations for Dummies which outlines how sales professionals can engage their audience, leverage the power of storytelling and use customer insights to ensure that their solution is top of mind with customers through presentations. Julie is also the Founder and Sales Presentation Expert at Performance Sales and Training.

The Perfect Storm for Sellers

Ago Cluytens is the Practice Director for EMEA for the RAIN Group, Based in Lisbon, Portugal Ago is a B2B Sales Trainer, Coach and Consultant for Technology, Financial and Professional Services.

’Skill and Will’, The Dynamic Duo

Alice Kemper is a Sales and Leadership Consultant, Coach and Speaker with more than 35 Years experience. Alice is the President of Sales Training Consultants and

Challenge Your Customers to Think Differently about Their Business

Brent Adamson the international best selling co-author of ‘The Challenger Sale’ and ‘The Challenger Customer’ arguably two of the greatest sales books ever written, Brent is a Keynote Speaker, Sales Coach and Researcher, He is also a Principal Executive Advisor at CEB which is a best practice insight and technology company.

Listening Beyond the Words

Viveka Von Rosen is the international best selling author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, which is a step by step guide to succeeding on the ‘for business’ social media network. Viveka is also an exclusive member of the Forbes Top 50 Most Influential People in Social Media as well as the Forbes Top Twenty Women in Social Media.

Customer For Life

Willis Turner is the President of SMEI (Sales and Marketing Executives International) which is a Non-Profit International Sales and Marketing Association with almost 60K Members worldwide. Willis is also a Certified Sales and Certified Marketing Executive, as well as a Certified Trainer, having delivered sales training around the globe.

Assumptions Kill Opportunities!

Andrea Waltz is the co-author of ‘Go For No’ which has been in the Amazon top 20 Sales & Selling Category for the last five years. Andrea is also a renowned Keynote Speaker and is the founder of Courage Crafters Inc., based in Central Florida.

Sales, You Can Change the World!

Dave Brock is the international best selling author of the ‘Sales Manager Survival Guide’ which is definitive guide to the toughest, most challenging and rewarding job in sales; Sales Management. He is also the President and CEO of Partners in EXCELLENCE, which is a Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Consultancy.

Selling Outcomes

Barbara Weaver-Smith is an Author, a Speaker and a Consultant to companies who are looking to accelerate their growth. Barbara is the Founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters, which is a sales coaching company, Barbara is an active member of the Women Sales Professionals Group and is one of 64 Experts in the New Sales Experts Channel.

Sales Skills are Life Skills

Cian McLoughlin is the founder and CEO of Trinity Perspectives which is a full service sales consulting and advisory firm operating throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia, Cian is also a Keynote Speaker and an Author his new book the Rebirth of the Salesman, explores the disruption in the b2b sales world and is a must read for 2017.

Be Unforgettable

Shawn Karol Sandy is the Chief Revenue Officer and a Sales Coach at The Selling Agency, which is a Memphis based Sales Management Consultancy, Shawn is an active member of the Women Sales Professionals Group and Shawn is also one of 64 Experts, on the New Sales Experts Channel.

Curiosity Always Wins!

Jack Kosakowski is a Sales Practitioner who is changing the negative image of Millennial’s, He is the Global Head of B2B Social Sales Execution for the Creation Agency which is a Sales Training and Marketing Agency and is a renowned sales blogger and podcaster.

Breaking Out of Vendorville

Laura Posey is a small business growth expert, she is an innovative marketer and a speaker as well as being the Chief Instigator and Idea Generator for Simple Success Plans, which is a professional sales training and coaching company, Laura is also one of 64 Experts, on the New Sales Experts Channel.

People, Performance Reviews and Persistence

Frank Cespedes is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, he is also the author of Aligning Strategy and Sales: The Choices, Systems and Behaviours that Drive Effective Selling, which was named to the 800-CEO-Read long list as one of the best sales books of 2014.

Don’t Sell Beyond the Close

Anne Miller is an award winning author, presentation coach, seminar leader and blogger, her book the tall lady with an iceberg won an award from Top Sales World in 2015 and her blog at made it into the Top Sales World Top 50 Sales and Marketing Blogs of 2016 Anne is a Sales and Presentation Specialist and believes that we can all Make What We Say, Pay.

The Gift of the Gab, is No Gift!

Bob is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing and influence, with total book sales of well over a million copies. His book, The Go-Giver, coauthored with John David Mann has sold over half a million copies and it has been translated into 21 languages. It has been reissued in a new, expanded edition with a foreword by Huffington Post founder and publisher, Arianna Huffington. Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic, and serves on the Board of Trustees of Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic in his town of Jupiter, Florida.

Get Over Your Fear of Sales

Carole Mahoney is Sales Change Agent and Coach, Carole has also co-authored a number of e-books including notably the Inbound Way to Use LinkedIn, Carole is one of 64 Experts on the New Sales Experts Channel, and Carole is also the founder of Unbound Growth – a sales coaching firm in Maine.

From Wolf to Shepherd

Mark Meincke is a multi award winning author, a former professional sales trainer and serial entrepreneur. Mark has more than 12 years sales experience, since leaving the military. Mark was a soldier within the Canadian Light Infantry and is a keen supporter of Veterans affairs and the Canadian Veteran Sales program.

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

Scott Dunkel is the author of the bestselling book ‘What they don’t teach you in sales school’ Scott is the CEO and founder of Universal Sales Truths, which is a sales coaching and consulting firm based in Annapolis, Maryland. Scott has more than 30 years of sales experience selling to senior executives in the business to business space.

Value is Unique to Each Buyer

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a nationally recognized business building expert with over 4,000 published articles, she has a weekly business column, she is a speaker and she is the Chief Results Officer for ADVANCED SYSTEMS, an international human capital talent development firm based in Indiana. Leanne is also an award winning sales blogger and was the 2016 Lead judge for the Annual North American Women in Sales Awards, she is also the author of ‘Be the red jacket in the sea of gray suits, the keys to unlocking sales success’.

Decision Coaching, The Changing Role of Sales People

Jeffrey Lipsius is an author, a speaker and a professional sales trainer. Jeffrey is the president of Selling to the point, which is a Californian based sales training company, his award winning book ‘Selling to the point’ introduces a conscious selling approach.

Totally Focussed on Helping

Diane Helbig is a sales trainer, social media trainer, speaker, author and radio show host, she is also a growth accelerator and change agent with Seize This Day, which is an Ohio based business advisory firm.

Never Sell Your Soul

Alen Mayer is a Keynote speaker, an Author and a Coach. He is also the CEO of North American Sales Training Corporation which is a global sales training company known for the creation of the Iceberg Sales Model. Alen was named by Baseline as one of the Top 50 Sales Professionals to follow on Twitter.

Patience is a Virtue

Gretchen Gordon is a sales team transformation expert, a speaker and a self professed sales nerd. She is also the Founder and President of Braveheart Sales Performance, which is an Ohio based Sales Leadership consulting firm.

Don’t Play Games

Ian Brodie is a Consultant, Speaker and Author in the field of Marketing, Ian’s book Email Persuasion is an Amazon #1 Bestseller and he’s been named as one of the top 50 global thought leaders in the field of marketing and sales.

The Queen of Cold Calling

Wendy Weiss is an author, a speaker and a sales coach, Wendy’s books The Sales Winners Handbook and The Cold Calling Survival Guide are two must reads. She is known as the Queen of Cold Calling.

Sales DNA

Dave Kurlan is an award-winning Sales Blogger, a Top-Rated Speaker, a Best-Selling author and a 2012 inductee into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame. He is also the CEO of Objective Management Group which is global sales assessment company.

No Apologies for Being a Salesperson

Jennifer Leake, a Certified Management Consultant, trainer and speaker with over 25 years’ experience as an authority in employee assessments and building sales teams. Founder of Assessment Pros and the “Get Engaged People System”, she offers sales leaders a system to hire, develop, motivate and retain productive and successful sales people.

The Three P’s of Selling

Brian Sullivan, Brian is author of the book, 20 Days to the Top: How to Become Your Company’s Top Sales Performer in 20 Days or Less. He is also Founder and CEO of tech company Precise Innovation, maker of GPS Wearable devices for children and elderly which sells in Walmart stores throughout the US.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Dave Stein is an Author, a Speaker and is the founder of Dave Stein Inc which is a B2B Management consulting company based in Massachusetts, He is also a proud member of the Forbes Top 30 Social Selling Influencers and has just released a new book which I’m tipping to become a best seller ‘Beyond the Sales Process’.

Objective Based Selling

Tibor Shanto is a sales leader with more than 25 years of experience. He has authored a number sales books, including notably most recently SHIFT! Harness the trigger events that turn prospects into customers. (This was co-authored with Craig Elias), Tibor is master sales tactician and is the author of an award winning sales blog ‘The Pipeline’. Tibor is also a proud member of the Forbes top 30 Social Selling Influencers (Number 8) on that list.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Mario Martinez Jr, Mario is a Keynote speaker, a social selling champion and a huffpost contributor, He is also the CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies which is a San Francisco based social selling and sales training and coaching organization.

Ditch the Pitch

Nancy Bleeke is a sales enablement expert who is focussed on conversations that drive results, Nancy is also the President and Chief Sales Officer for Sales Pro Insider which is a Wisconsin based sales consulting firm, Nancy has also authored the popular sales book Conversations that Sell.

Create Value Before you Extract Value

Brian Halligan is the co-founder and CEO of Hubspot, which rapidly became a world leader in the online inbound marketing space after it was founded in 2006. Brian has co-authored two books, ‘Inbound Marketing : Get found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs and Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead.

Listening for Opportunity

Lisa Dennis, Lisa is a sales keynote speaker, a sales trainer and a sales & marketing blogger. She is the president and founder of Knowledgence Associates which is a Massachusetts based sales and marketing consulting firm.

The Superpower’s of Selling

Mike Kunkle is a recognized sales enablement expert, speaker, writer, and advisor. Today he is the senior director of sales enablement for Brainshark, which is a sales enablement software company focused on enabling better training, coaching and buyer engagement. Mike is also a founding member of the Sales Enablement Society and is listed in the top 50 sales professionals to follow on Twitter.

Polite Persistence

Maura Schreier-Fleming is a professional sales speaker, author and consultant. She is the president of Best@Selling which is a professional sales training and coaching company based in Dallas. Her book Monday Morning Sales Tips is a great read for anyone looking to improve their sales productivity.

You Cannot Automate Trust

Brian Carroll is a bestselling author, his book ‘Lead generation for the complex sale – published by McGraw-Hill’ made the Best books of the decade list by Rain Today. Brian is also an award winning sales and marketing blogger and is a Sales & Marketing speaker, Lead Generation Consultant and Lead Generation workshop facilitator at his NEW company Brian James Carroll.

Solving People’s Problems for a Profit

Connie Kadansky is the President of Exceptional Sales Performance, an international sales training and coaching practice. She is a recognized expert in identifying and eliminating Sales Call Reluctance. Connie has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, she made a radio commercial for American Express and facilitated public speaking training for the Women In Parliament in Rwanda through a French interpreter.

Don’t Talk Over the Close

Craig Wortmann is the CEO and Founder of Sales Engine Inc which is a Chicago based management consulting company, Craig is a keynote speaker and an author, his book ‘What’s Your Story? Using Stories to Ignite Performance and Be More Successful’ is a bestseller. He also made Baseline’s Top 50 Sales Professionals to follow on Twitter List.

Looking through the Windshield

Jill Rowley is an author, a speaker and a Social Selling Evangelist. Jill has quickly risen to be one of the most influential people in the world of Social Media, she was number 3 on the Forbes Top 30 Social Selling Influencers list in 2014. She is the founding member of the Sales Enablement Society and an advisor to a number of leading technology companies.

The Route to Sales Success

Dan Disney is the Founder and Owner of The Daily Sales, one of the fastest growing social platforms for sales professionals across the globe.

Invest in Yourself

Barb Giamanco is the best-selling author of ‘The New Handshake – Sales meets Social Media’, which incidentally made the Top Sales World – top 50 sales books you should read in 2016 List. Barb is an award winning sales blogger, she is the president and Social Selling Advisor at Social Centered Selling LLC.

Leading with Values

Tony Hughes is a B2B Sales Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker, Sales Enablement Facilitator and the best selling author of The Joshua Principle: Leadership Secrets of Selling. Tony is also an award winning blogger in LinkedIn with more than 80,000 followers and he has been recognized as the #1 influencer in Asia-Pacific for professional selling.

More Sales, Less Time

Jill Konrath is an international sales speaker and bestselling author of 4 books, Including, notably SNAP Selling, Agile Selling and Selling to Big Companies. Jill’s latest book More Sales, Less Time is out soon. Jill was also recently named by Salesforce as one of the top 7 sales influencers of the 21st century.

Create Buyer Centric Social Profiles

Jamie Shanks is the author of the new bestseller ‘Social Selling Mastery’, he is the CEO of Sales for Life, which is a Toronto based professional sales training and coaching company. Jamie holds an MBA from the University of South Australia, he also managed to get an honorable mention on the Forbes Top 30 Social Sellers list.

Stop Selling and Start Leading

Deb Calvert is the bestselling author of Discover Questions get you connected: For Professional Sellers’. Deb is also a renowned keynote speaker, a sales coach, an award winning blogger. Her weekly sales blog is called connect2sell ™, she is also an ICF accredited executive coach and is the president of People First Productivity Solutions which is a San Francisco based consulting firm.

Selling with Genuine Intent

James Muir is a professional sales trainer, author, speaker and coach. During his career James has shattered sales records as both a field sales representative and as a sales manager. Three decades of experience has given James a fresh and practical perspective on what works in real life and what doesn’t, His guidance comes from experience and the school of hard knocks. James is the author of The Perfect Close: The Secret to Closing Sales that shows sales and service professionals a clear and simple approach that increases closed opportunities and accelerates sales to the highest levels while remaining genuinely authentic.

Never Give Up

Elinor Stutz is the bestselling author of ‘Nice Girls do get the sale – Relationship building that gets results’. Elinor is an inspirational speaker and educational trainer with Smooth Sale which is a professional training and coaching organization based in Virginia. Elinor has gained prominence by being voted as one of the brightest minds in sales to follow on Twitter from CEO World Magazine in 2015.

Helping Others Achieve the Impossible

Mark Hunter is an author, a speaker, a trainer and consultant in the field of sales. He authored the best selling book, ‘High Profit Selling’ and more recently ‘High Profit Prospecting’ as well as being an multi-award winning sales blogger, and social media marketer. Mark is arguably one of the most influential sales minds of our time. He is the ‘Sales Hunter’.

People Buy From People They Like And Trust

Trish Bertuzzi is a world-renowned speaker, coach and author in the world of professional selling. Her book ‘The Sales Development Playbook’ is a best-seller. Trish is also the CEO of The Bridge Group, which is an sales management consulting company based in Massachusetts.

Selling Is A Contact Sport

Tom Hopkins is a world renowned Sales author, Keynote Speaker and Sales Trainer.  Tom has trained more than 5 million sales professionals across five continents since 1974.  He has authored 18 books, his first book How to Master the Art of Selling has sold more than 1.7 million copies.

Welcome to the Sales Reinvented Podcast

Paul Watts is a Certified Sales Professional with more than 20 Years of Sales Experience, he still considers himself a ‘Student of Sales’ and a champion for the profession of selling, he is also the host of the Sales Reinvented Podcast.  His Mission is to change the negative perception of sales people and his Vision is a world where selling is a profession to be proud of.