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Episode #200

Dr. Daniel Shapiro

Why Successful Negotiations Hinge on Relationship Building

Nicole Soames Negotiation Conversation

Episode #199

Nicole Soames

Salespeople Must Embrace the Negotiation Conversation

Keld Jensen collaborative negotiation

Episode #198

Keld Jensen

The Importance of a Collaborative Negotiation

Sonia Dumas Buying Personalities

Episode #197

Sonia Dumas

How ‘Buying Personalities’ Influence the Negotiation Process

Scott Chepow on Negotiation Preparation

Episode #196

Scott Chepow

Negotiation Preparation is THE Key to Success

Bob Apollo

Episode #195

Bob Apollo

Develop Self-Awareness as the Foundation of Productivity

Mark Sellers

Episode #194

Mark Sellers

Is Time Management the Key to Productivity?

Steve Hall

Episode #193

Steve Hall

Focus on a Customer-Centric Culture to Become More Productive

Ian Moyse

Episode #192

Ian Moyse

When Being Productive Means NOT Closing the Deal

Darryl Praill

Episode #191

Darryl Praill

Sales Engagement is a Key Driver of Productivity

Joanne Black

Episode #190

Joanne Black

Leveraging Referrals Positively Impacts Productivity

Anthony Solimini

Episode #189

Anthony Solimini

A Productive Salesperson Must Have Excellent Communication Skills

Kristie Jones

Episode #188

Kristie Jones

How Accountability Impacts Productivity

Lisa Leitch

Episode #187

Lisa Leitch

Productivity Begins with Proactive Prospecting

Mark Hunter

Episode #186

Mark Hunter

Productivity is Defined by the Outcomes Achieved

Jeff Bajorek

Episode #185

Jeff Bajorek

Reinvent Your Definition of Productivity

Amy Franko

Episode #184

Amy Franko

How to Prioritize High-Value Activities

Chad Burmeister

Episode #183

Chad Burmeister

Revenue = Frequency x Competency: Learn How to Balance the Equation

Mary Grothe

Episode #182

Mary Grothe

How Behavioral Intelligence Drives Productivity

Christopher Ryan

Episode #181

Christopher Ryan

The Interplay Between Goal Alignment and Productivity

Deb Calvert

Episode #180

Deb Calvert

The Impact of Critical Thinking Skills on a Sales Professional’s Productivity

Bill McCormick

Episode #179

Bill McCormick

How to Leverage LinkedIn Lead Generation in a Productive Way

Dionne Mischler

Episode #178

Dionne Mischler

Personal Productivity takes Drive and Discipline

Luigi Prestinenzi

Episode #177

Luigi Prestinenzi

Sales Planning and Productivity Measurement

Connie Kadansky

Episode #176

Connie Kadansky

Emotional Literacy is Key to Sales Productivity

Liz Heiman

Episode #175

Liz Heiman

Properly Prioritizing Tasks Leads to Productivity

Lisa Magnuson

Episode #174

Lisa Magnuson

The Basics of Productive Pre-Call Planning

Chris Croft

Episode #173

Chris Croft

Productive Habits Every Salesperson Should Embrace

Noelle Leemburg

Episode #172

Noelle Leemburg

Top Productivity Tips to Become an Impactful Salesperson

Meridith Elliot Powell

Episode #171

Meridith Elliott Powell

Increase Your Productivity to Improve Your Sales Performance

Barb Giamanco

Episode #170

Barb Giamanco

How to Become a Productive Sales Professional

Scott Ingram 360x380

Episode #169

Scott Ingram

A Powerful Productivity Process for Salespeople

Brynne Tillman

Episode #168

Brynne Tillman

How to Maximize Sales Productivity

George Bronten 360x380

Episode #167

George Brontén

A Productivity Formula for the Sales Professional

Carole Mahoney 360x380

Episode #166

Carole Mahoney

Simple Steps Towards Productivity Improvement in Sales

Episode #165

Steve Benson

Evaluate the ROI before Making a Decision

Episode #164

Drew D’Agostino

Anchor Down

Episode #163

Wart Fransen

CRM is the Starting Point.

Episode #162

Leeno Karumanchery

Measure, Measure, Measure, Report, Report, Report.

Episode #161

Kevin Dixon

Stack Around Your Established Sales Process.

Episode #160

Kate Bradley Chernis

Robots Can’t Replicate The Human Connection

Episode #159

Jon Ferrara

People Buy Better Versions of Themselves with AI

Episode #158

Shawn Finder

Maximize Sales Conference ROI With AI

Episode #157

Victor Antonio

Fight the App Addiction

Episode #156

Nancy Nardin

Shiny Object Syndrome

Episode #155

Chris Croft

The Funny, Charming and Detached Negotiator

Episode #154

Lisa Earle McLeod

The Triangle of Truth

Episode #153

Allan Tsang

Bridging the Knowing and Doing Gap


Episode #152

Mike Inman

‘Yes If….’ and ‘No, But If….’


Episode #151

Mark Meincke

Don’t Defend, Justify or Explain

Episode #150

Melissa Hereford

Building Your Negotiation Muscle

Episode #149

Jeff Bajorek

Putting the Swagger Back Into Negotiation

Episode #148

Josh Weiss

Creativity Over Compromise

Episode #147

Amy Franko

Negotiating With Empathy

Episode #146

Herb Cohen

Care….But Not That Much!

Episode #145

Todd Camp

Take the Baggage Off the Table

Bonus Episode

Dave Carroll

United Breaks Guitars, 10 Year Anniversary

Episode #144

Patrick Tinney

The Devil is in the Details

Episode #143

Kwame Christian

Compassionate Curiosity

Episode #142

Randy Kutz

No Naked No’s and Yes’s

Episode #141

Lucy Chamberlain

Collaborative vs Competitive

Episode #140

Derek Arden

It’s Not About Technique, It’s About Trust and Honesty

Episode #139

James Muir

Negotiate With Genuine Intent

Episode #138

Donald Hatter

You Can’t Sell and Negotiate At The Same Time

Episode #137

Deborah Kolb

Principles Unite, Specifics Divide

Episode #136

Mike Figliuolo

Understand The Nibble

Episode #135

Kim Orlesky

Positive Attitude = Positive Outcomes

Episode #134

Mark Raffan

Manage Your Concessions

Episode #133

Joanne M Smith

The Power is in the Pre Work

Episode #132

George Siedel
Information is Power

Episode #131

Shawn Karol Sandy
Patience Trumps Discounts

Episode #130

Jay Heinrichs
Everybody Wins

Episode #129

Jeanette Nyden
The Power of Open Ended Questions

Episode #128

Roy Raanani
AI – The Devil’s in the Details

Episode #127

Manoj Ramnani
Man and Machine Working Together – Machine collected Human Verified

Episode #126

Jeff Koser
AI – You Can’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect

Episode #125

Paul Teshima
AI – A Humanising Affect On The Profession Of Selling

Episode #124

Erroin Martin
AI – Know Where You Want To Go

Episode #123

Dan Reich
The Logic Tree of Purgatory

Episode #122

Tim Hughes
Could Social Selling be Your Legacy?

Episode #121

Kurt Shaver
Always Be Connecting

Episode #120

Daniel Disney
Don’t Stalk Your Customers!

Episode #119

Viveka Von Rosen
Don’t Be Like Blockbuster!

Episode #118

Mark Williams
You Can’t Automate Relationship Building

Episode #117

Patrick Tinney
Social Selling, Embrace Positive Risk

Episode #116

Jim Cathcart
Lead With Their Need If You Want To Succeed

Episode #115

Mario Martinez Jr
Hyper Personalize

Episode #114

Barb Giamanco
You Keep Waiting and The World Keeps Passing You By

Episode #113

Steve Hall
You Need to Be Where Your Customers Are

Episode #112

Dave Byrnes
The Who and the Where

Episode #111

Ian Moyse
You’ve Gotta Earn the Right in Social

Episode #110

Mark White
Don’t get the Digital Door Slammed in your Face

Episode #109

Matt Heinz
The Drive-by Mailbox

Episode #108

Jack Kosakowski
Getting Visible, Valuable and Connected

Episode #107

Elinor Stutz
The Buy, Buy, Buy becomes Bye-Bye

Episode #106

Tom Hopkins
You have to Teach them, to Reach them

Episode #105

Andrew Jenkins
The Importance of Social CEO’s

Episode #104

Dennis Brown
The Luckiest Guy on LinkedIn

Episode #103 | Best of Series EP#020

Mike Weinberg, Jeff Koser and Koka Sexton
Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Episode #102 | Best of Series EP#019

Janet Leblanc, Brian Carroll and Carole Mahoney
Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Episode #101 | Best of Series EP#018

Willis Turner, Diane Helbig and Craig Elias
Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Episode #100 | Best of Series EP#017

Charlie Green, Brynne Tillman and Brian Lambert
Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Episode #099 | Best of Series EP#016

Dave Stein, Alice Kemper and Ago Cluytens
Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Episode #098 | Best of Series EP#015

Wendy Weiss, Frank Cespedes and Viveka Von Rosen
Best of Advice to Younger Self

Episode #097 | Best of Series EP#014

Trish Bertuzzi, Brent Adamson and Lisa Dennis
Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Episode #096 | Best of Series EP#013

Mario Martinez Jr, Alice Heiman & Dave Kurlan
Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Episode #095 | Best of Series EP#012

Ian Brodie, Jennifer Leake and Alen Mayer
Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Episode #094 | Best of Series EP#011

Brian Sullivan, Leanne Hoagland Smith and Mark Meincke
Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Episode #093 | Best of Series EP#010

Joe Girard, Kristin Zhivago and Jon Ferrara
Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Episode #092 | Best of Series EP#009

Tom Hopkins, Jill Konrath and Bob Burg
Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Episode #091 | Best of Series EP#008

Jack Malcolm, Carrie Millen and Dave Brock
Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Episode #090 | Best of Series EP#007

James Muir, Deb Calvert and Jeb Blount
Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Episode #089 | Best of Series EP#006

Connie Kadansky, Jamie Shanks and Elinor Stutz
Best of Advice to Younger Self

Episode #088 | Best of Series EP#005

Anthony Iannarino, Maura Schreier Fleming and Tony Hughes
Best of Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals

Episode #087 | Best of Series EP#004

Tibor Shanto, Laura Posey and Brian Halligan
Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Episode #086 | Best of Series EP#003

Mike Kunkle, Nancy Bleeke and Tony Hughes
Best of Do’s and Don’ts

Episode #085 | Best of Series EP#002

Dan Disney, Jill Rowley and Cian Mcloughlin
Best of Most Satisfying Sales Pursuit and Lessons Learned

Episode #084 | Best of Series EP#001

Mark Hunter, Barb Giamanco and Craig Wortmann
Best of Do’s and Don’ts

Episode #083

Mark Bernard
The Five Rights

Episode #082

Jane Gentry
Leave Your Ego at the Door

Episode #081

Jeff Koser
Selling to Zebras

Episode #080

Jeff Beals
Don’t Succumb to Creeping Self Doubt

Episode #079

Matt Heinz
Build Bigger Pipelines

Episode #078

Janet LeBlanc
Plan for Emotional Connections

Episode #077

Andy Paul
Be Human

Episode #076

Koka Sexton
Visibility Creates Opportunity

Episode #075

Alice Heiman
Be Kind and Be Helpful

Episode #074

Michael Griego
Don’t Ignore the Customer

Episode #073

Mike Weinberg
Winners and Whiners

Episode #072

Vince Fowler
Sales is the Result of Value Created

Episode #071

Jon Ferrara
Service is the New Sales

Episode #070

Colleen Stanley
No Excuses, Own It

Episode #069

David Fisher
Activity Measured is Activity Improved

Episode #068

Brad Pearse
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Episode #067

Jeb Blount
Sales is a Language of Questions

Episode #066

Mike Schultz
Don’t Put Your Agenda First

Episode #065

Nick Ruiz
100% Immunity to Rejection

Episode #064

Jay Jackson
From Battlefield to Business

Episode #063

Kristin Zhivago
You Can’t Talk Anyone into Anything Anymore!

Episode #062

Anthony Iannarino
The Only Sales Podcast Episode You Will Ever Need to Listen to!

Episode #061

Bernadette McClelland
Ex-Husbands Make the Best Competitors!

Episode #060

Brian Lambert
How to be a Sales Athlete

Episode #059

Jack Malcolm
Curious, Imaginative and Paranoid

Episode #058

Carrie Millen
Stop Selling, Start Caring

Episode #057

Joe Girard
Don’t be a ‘Salesy Weirdo’

Episode #056

Charlie Green
Sales is a Helping Profession

Episode #055

Brynne Tillman
Don’t Force Friendships with Customers

Episode #054

Craig Elias
Verbs and Value

Episode #053

Maxwell Bogner
Build Your Personal Brand

Episode #052

Julie Hansen
The 500lb Phone

Episode #051

Ago Cluytens
The Perfect Storm for Sellers

Episode #050

Alice Kemper
’Skill and Will’, The Dynamic Duo

Episode #049

Brent Adamson
Challenge Your Customers to Think Differently about Their Business

Episode #048

Viveka Von Rosen
Listening Beyond the Words

Episode #047

Willis Turner
Customer For Life

Episode #046

Andrea Waltz
Assumptions Kill Opportunities!

Episode #045

Dave Brock
Sales, You Can Change the World!

Episode #044

Barbara Weaver-Smith
Selling Outcomes

Episode #043

Cian McLoughlin
Sales Skills are Life Skills

Episode #042

Shawn Karol Sandy
Be Unforgettable

Jack Kosakowski

Episode #041

Jack Kosakowski
Curiosity Always Wins!

Episode #040

Laura Posey
Breaking Out of Vendorville

Episode #039

Frank Cespedes
People, Performance Reviews and Persistence

Episode #038

Anne Miller
Don’t Sell Beyond the Close

Episode #037

Bob Burg
The Gift of the Gab, is No Gift!

Episode #036

Carole Mahoney
Get Over Your Fear of Sales

Episode #035

Mark Meincke
From Wolf to Shepherd


Scott Dunkel
Relationships, Relationships, Relationships


Leanne Hoagland-Smith
Value is Unique to Each Buyer


Jeffrey Lipsius
Decision Coaching, The Changing Role of Sales People


Diane Helbig
Totally Focussed on Helping


Alen Mayer
Never Sell Your Soul


Gretchen Gordon
Patience is a Virtue


Ian Brodie
Don’t Play Games

Wendy Weiss


Wendy Weiss
The Queen of Cold Calling


Dave Kurlan
Sales DNA

photo of jennifer leake


Jennifer Leake
No Apologies for Being a Salesperson