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Episode 148: Josh Weiss

Episode #148: Josh Weiss

Creativity Over Compromise


Josh Weiss

Doctor Joshua Weiss is the co-founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University and a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Negotiation Project. He is also the director and creator of the Master of Science Degree in Leadership and Negotiation at Bay Path University. Dr Weiss is the creator of a number of innovative products that use the power of present day technology to convey negotiation to a broad audience, including the negotiation tip of the week, NTOW podcast and The Negotiator In You audio book and e-book series. [01.14] Josh defines Negotiation – negotiation has a lot of connotations to it, but mainly it is a process between two or more people who are trying to solve a problem or meet their objectives through some mutually agreed upon solution. From a business view, it is the way in which we create deals, relationships etc.

[01.43] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Josh explains that it is not just sales people who feel anxious when they negotiate. Primarily because they see the process as right with deception and manipulation and people equate negotiation with compromise in giving up things they would actually like to have. Josh talks about several models that help people get more comfortable and […]

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Episode 147: Amy Franko

Episode #147: Amy Franko

Negotiating With Empathy


Amy Franko

Amy Franko is a strategic sales expert working with professional services, insurance and technology organizations to accelerate sales results. Her book ‘The Modern Seller’ is an Amazon bestseller and was also named as the 2018 the top sales book by Top Sales World. [00.52] Amy defines Negotiation – as a process of learning, understanding conversation where your goal is to create a mutual win with your client.

[01.08] Amy explains how negotiation is important for business – Amy believes that it is the only way that we can be as to come from the principled angle of negotiation and win-win. In today’s world there is so much choice, modernisation and noise that the way we come to the negotiating table can be a big differentiator in who are and how we can help our clients win.

[01.43] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Amy feels that this comes down to mindset and skill set. Mindset being of fear, negotiating can viewed as conflict and we naturally want to avoid conflict even though within nature of the role of sales there is seen to be lots of conflict. There is also a fear that sales people have to give in, or fear of potentially damaging the relationship. To help […]

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Episode 146: Herb Cohen

Episode #146: Herb Cohen

Care….But Not That Much!


Herb Cohen

Herb Cohen has been a professional negotiator for over four decades. He is the author of ‘You Can Negotiate Anything’, which has been translated into 36 languages and is the world’s best selling book on negotiation and selling. He has been a keynote speaker for thousands of organizations from the FBI to Apple. [01.01] Herb defines Negotiation – as the use of information, time, power to affect behaviour. Any time you intend to influence someone its really a negotiation, it’s a voluntary process.

[01.28] Herb explains how negotiation is important for business – negotiation affects every professional relationship, sophisticated selling is negotiation, the opposite of that is taking orders.

[01.51] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Herb feels some sales people have fallen for the stereotype that it is embarrassing to negotiate. Like a one price store they act like loonies if you ask for a discount on the price, because they don’t have people trained in negotiation.

[02.58] How do you plan and execute a high stakes negotiation – Herb starts off in an amicable manner with a low key pose of incompetence, one of Herb’s other strategy is to make the other side feel superior to himself and for them to feel good. Herb’s goal is […]

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Episode 145: Todd Camp

Episode #145: Todd Camp

Take the Baggage Off the Table


Todd Camp

Todd Camp has been providing negotiation training and coaching to executive teams on all continents since 2001. The Camp System of Negotiation has been featured on CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and The Harvard Business Review to name but a few. Todd proudly collaborated with Jim Camp on his book ‘No, The Only System of Negotiation You Need For Work and Home’. Todd recently participated as a speaker and sponsor at the Negotiation Leadership Conference at Harvard University and he and his partner Derek have coached over two and a half billion dollars in negotiations over the last three years ranging from mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, sales and partnership agreements. [01.21] Todd defines Negotiation – this is the first question Todd asks his workshop participants, interestingly, the two responses Todd tends to receive are ‘win-win, compromise, meet in the middle, make the pie bigger, give and take and try to find a mutual agreement. The other response being ‘use leverage or power to get what they want’ and will try to find ways or angles to get exactly what they want.

[02.13] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Todd feels that there is a lot of anxiety and fear that comes with […]

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Bonus Episode: Dave Carroll

Bonus Episode: Dave Carroll

United Breaks Guitars, 10 Year Anniversary


Dave Carroll

On July the 6th 2009, the business world learned the true power of Social Media in a lesson that would become the case study for customer service, sales and marketing professionals the world over. This is the story about the power of one voice in the age of Social Media and how organisations can no longer hide behind their brand. We catch up with Dave Carroll on the tenth year anniversary of this story to find out how this event has changed his life over the last ten years and what has happened since.

Dave Carroll is an award winning singer songwriter, a professional speaker, author and social media innovator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. An unfortunate incident that Dave experienced while traveling with United Airlines led to one of the most widely used case studies in both customer service and social media ‘United Breaks Guitars’, now with more than one hundred and fifty million people worldwide being exposed to this story. [01.39] Dave tells the story behind United Breaks Guitars– whilst traveling with his band, Sons Of Maxwell, Dave recalls what happened on the day he boarded the plane to Nebraska and the nine month battle to try and reap some compensation. In the early days of his campaign Dave tells us […]

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Episode 144: Patrick Tinney

Episode #144: Patrick Tinney

The Devil is in the Details


Patrick Tinney

Patrick Tinney is an author, a speaker and a sales and negotiation trainer. His two books ‘Unlocking Yes’ and ‘Perpetual Hunger’ are must haves for anyone serious about their professional development in sales. Patrick is a former panelist on the Sales Expert Channel and a keen stock market trader. [01.05] Pat defines Negotiation – Pat feels that negotiation is two negotiation partners who are sensing great value in each other. Beyond that, it is really a meeting of the minds, it’s like mental chess until you get to the close of the deal, until you are able to close the gap and everyone looks at each other and says ‘yes this is fine, we should do this’.

[01.47] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Pat shares his view that everybody has different personality styles. Some people don’t like conflict, other people like to be liked so much that it bothers them if they are not liked for any period of time, some people don’t like the process of negotiating and other people just prefer to stay away from it. To change this, people need to learn to change the way they think about the whole process, to do their homework, get it right and […]

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Episode 143: Kwame Christian

Episode #143: Kwame Christian

Compassionate Curiosity


Kwame Christian

Kwame Christian is the director of the American Negotiation Institute, where he puts on workshops designed to make difficult conversations easier. As an attorney and mediator with a Bachelors of Art in Psychology, a master of public policy and a law degree, Kwame brings a unique multi-disciplinary approach to the topic of conflict management and negotiation. He is the author of the best selling book ‘Nobody Will Play With Me, How To Use Compassionate Curiosity To Find Confidence in Conflict’ and TedEx talk ‘Finding Confidence in Conflict’ which was the most popular TedEx talk on the topic of conflict in 2017. He also hosts the top negotiation podcast in the country ‘Negotiate Anything’. The show has been downloaded over 500,000 times and has listeners in 181 different countries. [01.29] Kwame defines Negotiation – in the broad context, negotiation is any conversation you have where somebody in the conversation wants something.

[01.44] Kwame explains how negotiation is important for business – with the broad definition you recognise that essentially almost every single human interaction we have is a negotiation of some sort. Negotiation is the most fundamental skill you need to have in the business world.

[02.19] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Kwame feels that the issue is due […]

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Episode 142: Randy Kutz

Episode #142: Randy Kutz

No Naked No’s and Yes’s


Randy Kutz

Randy Kutz is the author of the forthcoming book ‘The Negotiation Table, Everyone’s Guide to Everyday Negotiation’ and founder of SoftSkills Training 360. He has trained over 3000 professionals in the art and science of ethical persuasion, communication and negotiation skills from a cross section of industries. His training challenges participants to put people as the central focus for greater success in one’s personal and professional life, allowing them to succeed in both without compromising. [01.04] Randy defines Negotiation – seen in terms of conflict, negotiation is one form of conflict resolution. In essence, anything can be negotiated and in reality everyone negotiates every single day.

[01.32] Randy explains how negotiation is important for business – in business negotiation should be a collaborative approach as you are setting up your exchange or a transaction or deal in light not just of the current transaction but future business either directly or indirectly via referrals. You can only continue to stay in business by doing business and expanding your business base but if you are looking for a win lose approach you’re not going to have much business.

[02.55] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Randy shares that he asks this question when he teaches, and sales people […]

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Episode 141: Lucy Chamberlain

Episode #141: Lucy Chamberlain

Collaborative vs Competitive


Lucy Chamberlain

Lucy Chamberlain has spent a twenty year career tracking the industry’s leading recruitment companies. Lucy has overcome a challenging personal time as a single mom and built a multi million pound business that allows her and her rapidly expanding team to fulfil their own career goals. As a champion for women in business Lucy and her team actively collaborate with other female led businesses in a mentoring capacity with a focus on social consciousness and legacy. Through this experience Lucy has developed and honed her negotiation skills at the highest levels and has created online courses to support negotiation training. [01.18] Lucy defines Negotiation – is essentially a social interaction between two people and generally with one individual that has an agenda that they are looking to achieve through that conversation.

[01.34] Lucy explains how negotiation is important for business – in business we negotiate every single day in a million different ways, in every conversation from contracts, to pay rises and promotion, to goal setting with our team, and much more, so for Lucy negotiation is very much based upon our emotional response to these conversations rather than the practical applications.

[02.20] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Lucy feels that people get scared when talking about […]

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Episode 140: Derek Arden

Episode #140: Derek Arden

It’s Not About Technique, It’s About Trust and Honesty


Derek Arden

Derek Arden is an international speaker, a best selling author and a master class leader. His latest book ‘Win Win: How To Get a Winning Result From Persuasive Negotiations’ has sold throughout the English speaking world and has just been translated into Chinese. Derek is passionate at helping people get win win negotiation results. [00.59] Derek defines Negotiation – as when two or more parties can’t agree on something and they want to agree. Often lots of parties can be involved but to come to a mutually agreed win-win agreement.

[01.17] Derek explains how negotiation is important for business – because if you don’t have a win-win agreement, someone will pull out or will not be happy upon payment or like the terms of agreement. Which will result in the lack of a mutual long term relationship.

[01.56] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Derek feels some sales people are not congruent and that they are working on sales target, which is more important to them as they work on short term bonuses rather than relationship management and listening to what clients want. Derek also feels that some sales people don’t know how to negotiate.

[02.52] How do you plan and execute a […]

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