Episode #113: Steve Hall

You Need to Be Where Your Customers Are


Steve Hall

Steve Hall, Steve is Managing Director of Executive Sales Coaching Australia, co founder of Executive Sales Forum International and a founding member of Sales Masterminds APAC. He specialises in helping his clients sell more effectively at executive level using social media among other approaches.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

[00.58] Steve defines Social Selling –Steve suggests that it depends on who you are and what you sell.  There is true social selling and social influencing.

[01.40] Why haven’t some companies embraced social selling  – Relevance and people being slow to the table.

[02.45] Which social media platforms should a modern sales professional be active in – Steve suggests you need to be where your customers are.

[03.50] Are there any tools that you recommend as part of a successful social selling strategy – Buffer and Social Bee.  Although Steve suggests that some things are better not automated

[04.57 Steve shares his top three social selling do’s and don’ts – Do: Be yourself, be polite and nice (be on your best behavior), be consistent. Don’ts: Connect then sell, don’t be afraid to disagree or be controversial,

[08.50] Steve shares his favourite social selling story – Steve shares a great social selling story about a conference he was promoting through social selling.

[10.45] What advice would you give to a CEO who hasn’t made the leap of using social selling – Steve suggests if it’s right for you. Do it right and do it properly. You may want to get advice for

[11.35] What’s the most fun part of social for you?  Steve mentions his enjoyment of poking fun at people through social media in a nice way.

More About Steve

What was the last book you read?
Fiction – Angelique and the King, Anne Golon (historical fiction set in Versailles in the time of Louis XIV). Non fiction Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell by Mike Adams

Who / What inspires you?
Great music (Green Day, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Queen, Arctic Monkeys, Al Stewart, Radiohead, Dire Straits, Muse and many more)

What aspect of your own Social Selling program are you most focused on improving at the moment?
Promoting my new online Peer Advisory business, Executive Sales Forum International, although as we only have 24 spots available worldwide to start with that won’t take much effort.

Hobbies, Interests?
Ocean swimming, going to the gym, reading, Friday afternoon movies with my wife, Swindon Town football club

How can our listeners contact with you?
LinkedIn profile, Twitter is @stevehallsydney, website is execsalesforuminternational.com