Episode 149: Jeff Bajorek

Putting the Swagger Back Into Negotiation


Jeff Bajorek

Jeff Bajorek helps sales teams design and implement their sales strategies with a focus on the fundamentals. He believes the answers are often right in front of you, but you’re missing them because you’re searching for a silver bullet that just doesn’t exist. Jeff is the author of Rethink The Way You Sell: The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting, and co-hosts The Why and the Buy Podcast.

Our Mission Is To Change The Negative Perception Of Sales People

Our Vision Is A World Where Selling Is A Profession To Be Proud Of

[01.17] Jeff defines Negotiation – Negotiation is coming to agreed upon terms

[01.45] Jeff explains why negotiation is important for business – Jeff explains that it’s important to have boundaries, otherwise people get taken advantage of.

[02.51] Why don’t some salespeople don’t like to negotiate and what can we do to change this – Jeff discusses how the salesperson’s ego can impact a negotiation.

[05.00] How do you plan and execute a high stakes negotiation – Jeff avoids high-stakes negotiations at any cost. Jeff shares his contrarian approach to negotiation, by trying to avoid negotiation.

[06.14] What are the attributes of a good sales negotiator – Jeff explains that candidness, confidence and swagger are important attributes.

[06.50] Jeff shares his top negotiation tools and strategies – Jeff shares his secret to his success, about self-belief in sales excellence and sales success.

[08.30] Jeff shares his top three negotiation Do’s and Don’ts – Do’s, Know exactly what you need, Know what they need, be respectful of what they need. Don’ts – Get too emotional…

[10.47] Jeff shares his favourite negotiation story –Jeff shares two negotiation stories from his medical sales days and the lessons he learnt.

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More About Jeff

What was the last book you read?
I just finished ‘Enlightenment Now’ by Steven Pinker, and I feel smarter

Who / What inspires you?
My wife and my kids inspire me every day

What aspect of your own negotiation skills are you most focused on improving at the moment?
Being more aware of the smaller negotiations that we encounter on a regular basis. It’s not just something you do at the end of a sales process. In many ways, negotiation is the sales process.

Hobbies, Interests?
I’m absolutely enthralled by the game of golf, for more reasons than I can get into here, but primarily because you can never perfect it, you always have to relinquish some control, and you must trust the process in order to improve.

How can our listeners contact with you?
jeffbajorek.com, /in/jeffbajorek on LinkedIn

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Sales Reinvented Podcast

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