Episode 164: Drew D’Agostino

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Drew D’Agostino

Drew is the CEO and founder of Crystal Knows, which is an artificially intelligent psychometric platform, which accurately predicts the personality style of people from their social media profiles.

Our Mission Is To Change The Negative Perception Of Sales People

Our Vision Is A World Where Selling Is A Profession To Be Proud Of

[00.50] Drew defines the term ‘Sales Technology Stack’ – as simply ‘the set of technologies that you use every day and rely on’.

[01.11] Why is it so important for businesses today to have a solid sales technology stack? – all of your competitors are using technologies that are making them more efficient, giving them more information about the customers, and ultimately it creates a probably superior customer experience now. So if you’re not using our effective technology tools or data in your sales process, you will simply deliver a experience that is not on the same level as your competition, really.

[02.04] Drew explains why salespeople resist taking on new technologies as part of their day-to-day sales roles – Drew agrees that we are creatures of habit and also creatures of routine and tradition. If something has been working for you for a while, you have the benefit and drawback of inertia. So if you’ve got confidence in something that’s been working, introducing some uncertainty into that mix with a new tool we tend to see the potential loss of that greater than we will perceive the potential value that’ll be added from it.

[03.03] Drew discusses some sales technologies that modern sales professionals be using as a minimum – as a basic minimum Drew feels that sales professionals should be using a CRM system and then you can add on that. Crystal falls in to customer insights. So having as much information as you can efficiently before speaking to somebody is really important for connecting with them and delivering a relevant message, especially since people are receiving so many other messages.

[03.59] What are the attributes of a good sales professional – from observing the sales professionals around him, Drew feels that they are successful because of their consultative attributes and by creating their own content, staying really active in social media, and basically becoming a go to authority.

[09.21] Drew shares his top three Sales Technology Stack Do’s and Don’ts – some of Drews top three Sales Technology Stack Do’s and Don’ts include don’t try to integrate multiple technologies at one time, you need an anchor if you’re going to introduce new technology, don’t assume just because a tool shows up the most on your LinkedIn feed or in any ads or in your Google searches that that’s the best tool for your use and keep things simple rather than comprehensive is always a good idea.

[14.10] Drew shares his favourite sales story that incorporated the use of Modern Sales Technology – sharing a personal story of how Drew prepped for a meeting to introduce Crystal to a group of executives, after lots of preparation the meeting didn’t go quite as expected.

[16.53] 30 second Pitch Slap – Drew introduces Crystal Knows, an artificially intelligent psychometric platform.

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More About Drew

What was the last book you read?
– The Bible – I’ve been memorizing several books within it, and the last one was Galatians.

Who / What inspires you?
Chopin’s work (the composer) is endlessly inspiring to me.

What aspect of your Sales Technology Stack are you most focused on at the moment?
At Crystal, we are focused on the top of the funnel. Content marketing, organic traffic, SEO.

Hobbies, Interests?
Playing piano, songwriting, flying small planes, scripture memory, long distance running.

How can our listeners contact with you?

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