Episode #241 – Sonia Dumas

Why You Must Craft a Transformational Message

Sonia Dumas


Sonia Dumas

Sonia Dumas is the founder of the Unstoppable Sales Community, host of the Small Business Stimulus events, member of The Sales Expert Channel, and trending small business sales expert to follow on LinkedIn.

Why do you need to craft a transformational message that resonates with your prospect? Does it increase your success with prospecting? Sonia Dumas believes the right message attracts people who could be interested in your service—but only if your message resonates with them at the right moment. If it does, they find their way into your marketing funnel. Sonia—the founder of the Unstoppable Sales Community—joins me in this episode of Sales Reinvented to share why she thinks your message is one of the most important things to master.

Why do you need to craft a transformational message for successful #LeadGeneration and #prospecting? Sonia Dumas shares her reasoning in this episode of @SalesReinvented! #SalesReinvented #Sales #LeadGen #ProspectClick To Tweet


Outline of This Episode

  • [0:45] What is the difference between prospecting and lead gen?
  • [2:22] Why are both processes so important to sales?
  • [2:22] Prospecting and lead gen must be strategic
  • [4:10] Sonia’s prospecting and lead gen process
  • [6:00] A sales professional needs to embrace a positive attitude
  • [7:55] The skillset Sonia believes is a gamechanger
  • [8:51] Top 3 prospecting and lead gen dos and don’ts
  • [11:35] Every conversation you have is an opportunity

Prospecting and lead gen must be strategic

If there’s no fuel in your car—or energy in your Tesla—it doesn’t matter how amazing the car is. It won’t go anywhere. Small business leaders want more revenue and income, but they don’t have a lead generation or prospecting plan. A website doesn’t cut it. Posting some content doesn’t cut it. Scattered activity doesn’t attract clients. Even worse—it wastes time. Prospecting and lead gen must be strategic and valuable.

Blasting out content, paying for ads, and attending meetings won’t fix your lead gen without meaningful information to assist your leads. To start moving the needle, you need information for your leads to discover. They then discover that you’re the solution to their problems.

The more you can create a genuine connection, the more you will have payday conversations. That’s when your prospect feels welcomed, acknowledged, and valued to such a degree that they’re open to having you transform their life.

Why you NEED to craft a transformational message

What is your transformational message? Is it crystal clear what problems you solve and the audience you solve them for? If it isn’t, your leads won’t see your services as a solution to their problems. Your pipeline will stay empty. Your value has to be clear so your leads want to learn more.

You have to know the details of the problems your prospects are working to solve. You need to communicate that you know the nitty-gritty and communicate that on your website, your social media, your newsletter, etc. Start the process because you have a message.

When you have a transformational message, your pipeline will start to fill up. You have a solution that can impact lives. Your income will grow because of the transformation you’re providing.

Why do you NEED to craft a transformational message? Sonia Dumas shares her transformational #prospecting process in this episode of @SalesReinvented! #SalesReinvented #Sales #LeadGen #ProspectClick To Tweet


A sales professional needs to embrace a positive attitude

If you hate prospecting and consider it a chore, you will communicate desperation in everything you do. Instead, Sonia recommends focusing on what you enjoy: Do you enjoy transforming lives? Do you enjoy making an impact? You need to have fun with prospecting. Let the genuine pleasure of transforming someone’s life resonate in your marketing and your conversations.

Secondly, you have to focus. Your message has to be focused. You have to provide clear value and know what your ideal audience wants and needs. Sonia emphasizes that “Without focus, your efforts will be like a whisper at a rock concert. No one is going to hear you.”

You have to make a commitment to show up. It doesn’t matter if it’s once a day or once a week. Consistency builds confidence. It starts with you becoming confident. Those who are watching you become confident in your expertise, thought leadership, and your ability to solve their problems. Without consistency, confidence can’t be built.

What skillsets should you develop? Listen to hear Sonia’s thoughts!

Every conversation you have is an opportunity

Sonia believes that the best way to prospect is by focusing on sharing how she enjoys helping others solve a problem. When she does that, doors open wide. She was having a casual conversation with a vendor about how much she enjoys helping business leaders. She wasn’t pitching or offering anything. At the end of the conversation, he offered to introduce her to a friend that runs an executive coaching program.

The CEO of this program jumped on a call with her. By the middle of their call, he asked her to train his top 10 salespeople on how to have payday conversations with prospects. Every conversation you have is a lead generation and prospecting opportunity. You never know when someone will say “Tell me more!” or “Let me introduce someone.” It’s an opportunity to attract, engage, and convert a stranger into a client.

Why does Sonia Dumas believe that every conversation you have is a #prospecting opportunity? Listen to this episode of @SalesReinvented to learn why! #SalesReinvented #Sales #LeadGen #Prospect #LeadGenerationClick To Tweet


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My grandchildren inspire me. Being with children brings me back to what’s important—family, caring, I’m inspired by the process of growth not because of what I get…but of who I become.

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Inviting small business leaders to join the Unstoppable Sales Community and sharing helpful information about profits, prospects, and purpose.

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Studying and researching the game-changing innovations around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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