Episode #362: Stan Robinson Jr.

Mastering Sales Conversations with Chat GPT: Personalize Your Approach
Stan Robinson Jr


Stan Robinson, Jr.

Stan Robinson, Jr. teaches sales teams, entrepreneurs, and professionals to create more sales conversations and build relationships using social selling. He specializes in helping clients use LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and other digital tools for sales, marketing, branding, and thought leadership. 

With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing he has coached sales teams from companies such as Proofpoint, Juniper Networks, Millennium Trust, Vistage, Seismic and many others on social selling. 

Stan co-hosts the weekly Sales Navigator Insights LIVE show on LinkedIn with LinkedIn expert Brynne Tillman. He also serves as the Chief Coaching Officer for Social Sales Link.

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ChatGPT, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an innovative tool that has the ability to generate new and original content based on its training data. While some might anthropomorphize it as a person, it’s essential to recognize that it’s a sophisticated tool with vast potential for sales professionals. In this episode of Sales Reinvented, Stan Robinson Jr., an expert in social selling, will shed light on leveraging ChatGPT to personalize your approach. 

Outline of This Episode

    • [01:24] What is ChatGPT? 
    • [03:21] Unlocking the Potential: Key Features of ChatGPT
    • [4:28] Empowering Sales Practices with ChatGPT
    • [7:32] Navigating Challenges and Limitations
    • [9:40] Maintaining authenticity in sales conversations
    • [11:57] Stan’s top three ChatGPT dos and don’ts
    • [16:19]] Lesson Learned: Embrace Creativity and Experimentation

    Unlocking the potential: Key features of ChatGPT 

    Don’t let ChatGPT overwhelm you. Stan highlights the simplicity and user-friendliness of ChatGPT, allowing salespeople to chat with it just like they would with a chatbot. Its capabilities extend to creating various content types, from emails to social media posts, blog posts, and even eBooks. Sales professionals can personalize the content based on their customers’ roles, leveraging the tool to overcome content creation challenges.

    The true power of ChatGPT lies in its ability to assist salespeople across various stages of the sales process. From lead generation and prospecting to building engaging presentations and effective negotiations, ChatGPT can provide valuable insights and content suggestions. By being specific about the scenarios they want help with, sales professionals can obtain relevant and personalized information. 

    For example, Stan will ask it for a five-point outline about a specific scenario. It also helps to describe your audience to ChatGPT (i.e. your audience is a CFO of a $50 million manufacturing company). The more specific the context, the more relevant the answer(s).

    Navigating challenges and limitations 

    While ChatGPT is a remarkable tool, it’s crucial to be aware of certain challenges and limitations. One significant aspect is that the data used to train ChatGPT is only up to September 2021. As a result, it’s essential to cross-check information and not solely rely on the tool’s output. Additionally, integrating ChatGPT with existing tools and resources can maximize its benefits.

    Maintaining authenticity in sales conversations 

    Don’t be lazy. To ensure an authentic voice comes through while using ChatGPT, sales professionals can provide their own content—such as recorded thoughts or transcripts—and use them as a basis for instructions. By being specific and guiding ChatGPT, they can ensure the generated content aligns with their unique selling styles. You also have to remember that the output is different from chat to chat, so you have to give ChatGPT specific instructions each time. 

    Embrace creativity and experimentation 

    One of Stan’s favorite stories is actually from Brynn Tillman. Brynn was experimenting with ChatGPT for content production. By combining her recorded thoughts on various topics, utilizing text expander tools for common prompts, and leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, Brynn efficiently repurposed content in her authentic voice. This approach enabled her to create a wide range of content, from blog posts to social media content and eBooks, with ease.

    The key takeaway from Bryn’s story is the importance of creativity and experimentation in tool integration. By exploring innovative ways to combine tools and techniques, sales professionals can streamline their content creation process, deliver valuable insights, and elevate their sales conversations to new heights.

    ChatGPT presents a tremendous opportunity for sales professionals to revolutionize their sales conversations and interactions. By leveraging its capabilities, being creative, and embracing experimentation, salespeople can unlock the true potential of ChatGPT to create a personalized and impactful sales approach. 

    Listen to the whole episode to dive deeper into this exciting topic!

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    Are there any resources on or ChatGPT that you recommend?

    • Jeb Blount – Sales Gravy podcast
    • Mark Hunter – The Sales Hunter podcast
    • The AI Breakdown – podcast by NLW
    • ChatGPT – podcast by Jaeden Schafer

    In the field of AI and Sales – Who do you most admire and why? I admire the podcast hosts above in the areas of sales and AI respectively. I’m still looking for the resource that combines sales and AI.

    What are your top ten favorite prompts in ChatGPT – Your Golden Question/Prompt Set? 

    • You are the TITLE of an INDUSTRY company. Describe the top ten challenges you regularly face as a TITLE using the language another TITLE would relate to.
    • How should a salesperson selling software to TITLEs incorporate solutions to the above challenges in an email request for a meeting with a TITLE?  
    • Please summarize the following book in 20 bullets or less: BOOK TITLE, by AUTHOR.
    • Create a LinkedIn poll on TOPIC. Make the question 140 characters including spaces and 3 choices each 40 or less characters. Then include LinkedIn text for the post that will attract and engage connections.
    • You are a TITLE. For each point I make about using MY SOLUTION for APPLICATION, you are to give me an objection. I will answer the objection. Then you are to give me your feedback.

    What are some of the most important considerations that companies should aware of as it relates to their employees usage of ChatGPT? Here is a LinkedIn article on this topic

    Should training be provided for employees to utilize this tool safely and effectively and should this be included in a salespersons induction / onboarding process? Training on the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools should be part of the onboarding process for all employees. At a minimum every organization should have clear policies in place as to how these tools should be used.

    Are there any aspects of your own ChatGPT skills that you are working on improving at the moment? I am working on how to write better prompts for ChatGPT and experimenting with use cases for the tool. For example, seeing how it might be used to help with role play sales scenarios. 

    Hobbies, Interests? Hanging out with family, reading (business, religion, technology); I follow the sports – tennis, track, and swimming.

    How can our listeners contact with you? Contact me by email (stan@socialsaleslink.com) or connect with me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/stanrobinson/). You can access free resources on social selling at: linkedinlibrary.com.

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