Episode #366: Meshell Baker

Use ChatGPT to Generate Ideas and Get Unstuck
Meshell Baker


Meshell Baker

Meshell Baker the Chief Confidence Igniter is “a breath of fresh air” and “the power of her story of being a UPS Loader combined with her passion and enthusiasm is enough to make anyone want to tap into their full potential.” Meshell’s presentations, workshops, and coaching empower participants to reimagine their capacity to deliver excellence. Her confronting yet engaging delivery persuades them to embrace the radical responsibility that develops high-performance resilience and unstoppable confidence. Meshell has phenomenal results and combined with an incredible track record of raving recommendations with clients, such as UPS, Dell, Microsoft, Salesforce, Women President Organization, Women In Trucking, and more, over the past 25+ years.

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ChatGPT is often referred to as artificial intelligence or AI, but Meshell Baker points out that it’s assisted intelligence and that it helps people curate content. You can leverage ChatGPT to generate ideas when you’re otherwise stuck. Meshell shares how she uses ChatGPT in this episode of @SalesReinvented. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:23] What is ChatGPT?
  • [2:17] Key features and capabilities of ChatGPT
  • [4:03] ChatGPT can help you overcome inaction
  • [5:38] Addressing the Challenges/limitations of ChatGPT
  • [7:25] Navigating personalization and customization
  • [10:58] Meshell’s three ChatGPT dos and don’ts
  • [12:48] Use ChatGPT to curate content quickly

Use ChatGPT for ideation

Meshell likes to use ChatGPT to help her “Prime the mind.” Your mind moves at lightning speed all day long. It’s easy to be fatigued by the end of the day and struggle with writing follow-up. Why not use ChatGPT to assist you? It will help you take the first step and keep the momentum going. 

ChatGPT is great for providing the rough draft for whatever content you’re trying to create, from emails to articles. It can scrub a list and tell you who to call from a certain industry, locality, etc. 

It helps you get the ball rolling so you’re not staring at a blank page. 

And ChatGPT can generate amazing things when you learn to curate your prompts. There is no result without action. When people don’t know what to do, they get stuck in inaction. So you generate nothing. ChatGPT can give you enough to keep you in motion. 

Addressing the Challenges/limitations of ChatGPT

ChatGPT will only return an answer for what you ask. You have to adapt accordingly. ChatGPT can’t sense tonality. It gives you an answer based on facts. It won’t be able to tell what you felt or sensed in your last conversation with a prospect. That’s why you have to read through and edit accordingly. Never take raw data and post it. 

The account you create is your account. So ChatGPT can learn from your prompts. It will curate responses based off of you until it’s told otherwise. It will write however you want it to write. 

You can record yourself, make a transcript, and upload it into ChatGPT so it can produce your content in that voice.

Meshell’s three ChatGPT dos and don’ts

Meshell shares three things to keep in mind when using ChatGPT: 

  • Get in the habit of curating through ChatGPT. Start small and use it several times throughout your workweek to get unstuck. It doesn’t have to be the end result but will keep you in action.
  • Find a community to keep you accountable. Find other people who are using ChatGPT to learn insights that will help you tweak and refine how you use it. 
  • Don’t be afraid. Just start playing with it. The term “artificial” scares people. But it’s simply there to help you. 

Ultimately, you need to find a way to use ChatGPT to become more efficient—or get left behind.

Don’t let your fear of AI stop you from using it

Meshell completed a five-day online challenge in May. She had to create a lot of content in a short period of time. Meshell felt overwhelmed. She shared how she felt in one of her communities and everyone told her: Use ChatGPT. 

So she carved out a couple of hours and asked ChatGPT to create things for her. She asked it for subject lines and it output incredible examples that would’ve taken her hours to nail down.

The moral of the story? Don’t be scared to try something new. Many people are so used to doing things the hard way. While there is still work involved, it can be efficient and effortless. Nothing changes until you change. 

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Are there any resources on ChatGPT that you recommend?

Yes, there are several excellent resources available to learn ChatGPT effectively. Some of the best free resources include:

OpenAI’s website: It offers detailed information on ChatGPT, technical details, case studies, and interactive demos to try out the model.

GitHub repository: OpenAI’s GitHub repository contains code, models, examples, and tutorials on using ChatGPT.

YouTube ChatGPT tutorials: Many YouTube tutorials cover ChatGPT, ranging from beginner-friendly introductions to advanced technical discussions.

Online courses: Several online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and edX offer structured lessons and assignments on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT user forums: Online communities where users share experiences, ask for help, and learn from other’s expertise.

In the field of AI and Sales – Who do you most admire and why? Sonia Dumas for sure! She talks about Selling More with AI and lovingly uses the term Assisted Intelligence. She is a master at building ‘Client Getting’ Systems for ‘Sales Hungry’ Business Builders and Entrepreneurs, I most admire Sonia as an AI enthusiast and expert, she has demonstrated a deep understanding of how to leverage AI, including generative AI tools like ChatGPT, to enhance sales strategies, improve customer interactions, and drive better results in the business world. Meshell’s insights and innovative approaches make her a great inspiration for others in the industry. https://www.linkedin.com/in/soniadumas/

What are your top ten favorite prompts in ChatGPT – Your Golden Question/Prompt Set? When entering the following prompts be sure to edit and include information specific to your role, team, or organization.

  • Develop a persuasive email pitch to introduce our new product to potential clients, highlighting its unique features and benefits.
  • Craft a compelling sales script for our sales team to use during cold calling, focusing on building rapport and generating interest.
  • Generate creative ideas for social media posts to promote our latest product launch, targeting our key audience segments.
  • Design a sales presentation that showcases the value proposition of our services and convinces potential clients to choose us over competitors.
  • Create a series of follow-up email templates for nurturing leads and maintaining engagement throughout the sales process.
  • Provide strategies to identify and overcome common objections from prospects, ensuring a higher conversion rate.
  • Suggest innovative sales tactics to upsell and cross-sell our existing customers, maximizing revenue opportunities.
  • Devise a plan for conducting effective product demonstrations to potential clients, emphasizing how our solution meets their specific needs.
  • Develop a comprehensive guide on using personalized sales techniques to build stronger relationships with clients and boost customer loyalty.
  • Generate a list of top-performing lead generation channels and propose a strategy to optimize lead generation efforts for higher-quality prospects.

What are some of the most important considerations that companies should be aware of as it relates to their employees’ usage of ChatGPT? Companies should be aware of data privacy and confidentiality when using ChatGPT, especially when sensitive company information is shared during interactions. Employees should use ChatGPT as a valuable tool to augment their expertise rather than relying solely on it for critical decision-making processes.

Should training be provided for employees to utilize this tool safely and effectively and should this be included in a salesperson’s induction/onboarding process? Yes, training should be provided to employees to safely and effectively utilize ChatGPT. Including this training in a salesperson’s induction/onboarding process can help them understand the tool’s capabilities and limitations, making them more adept at integrating AI into their sales strategies.

Can you share some examples of how ChatGPT has helped companies improve their sales process or increase sales? Here are some of the ways ChatGPT has helped companies achieve these objectives:

  • Enhanced Sales Productivity: ChatGPT has been utilized to craft better email copy, summarize call/meeting notes, and generate superior lead-qualifying questions. By automating these repetitive tasks, sales representatives can focus on more critical aspects of their work, such as closing deals and building relationships with clients, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in the sales process.
  • Personalized Cold Outreach: ChatGPT can generate personalized content for cold emails or calls, tailoring messages to each prospect’s attributes and preferences. This customization makes cold outreach more engaging and relevant, leading to improved response rates and higher chances of conversion.
  • Client Follow-ups: ChatGPT assists in nurturing leads with appropriate follow-up messages, creating helpful resources for customers, and tracking customer behavior to identify upsell opportunities. By streamlining the follow-up process, sales representatives can maintain stronger customer relationships and capitalize on potential upselling opportunities.
  • Identifying Buyer Persona: ChatGPT provides valuable insights into prospects’ industries, pain points, and buying preferences. This information helps sales teams better understand their prospects and tailor their sales pitches to meet their specific needs, increasing the chances of successful sales conversions.
  • Automating Routine Tasks: ChatGPT’s automation capabilities allow it to handle various routine yet time-consuming tasks, freeing up sales representatives to focus on more complex and valuable activities. By automating tasks like answering frequently asked questions, booking appointments, and processing orders, sales teams can allocate their time more efficiently and effectively.
  • Real-time Feedback: Some tools built on top of ChatGPT, such as conversation intelligence platforms, can listen to live sales calls and provide real-time feedback. This feature helps sales representatives identify areas for improvement, adapt their strategies during conversations, and enhance their sales performance.
  • Better Customer Experience: With ChatGPT’s ability to generate text and provide instant responses, it becomes a powerful resource for delivering immediate assistance to customers. Whether customers have product-related questions or need support with their orders, ChatGPT can provide prompt and helpful responses, leading to a better customer experience.
  • Scalability: ChatGPT can handle a large volume of requests simultaneously, making it a scalable solution for businesses to manage their sales operations effectively, especially when dealing with frequently asked questions.
  • Low-Cost Investment: Implementing ChatGPT for sales purposes is a cost-effective option compared to hiring additional sales staff. The relatively low cost makes it an attractive solution for companies looking to improve their sales processes without significant financial investment.

By leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, companies can optimize their sales strategies, increase efficiency, and provide a more personalized and engaging experience for their customers, ultimately leading to improved sales performance and business growth.

Are there any aspects of your own ChatGPT skills that you are working on improving at the moment?

Absolutely, I continually seek to improve my interactions with ChatGPT to effectively improve its responses in the following areas: 

  • Assigning Roles: When interacting with ChatGPT, consider assigning it a specific role relevant to your needs or target audience.
  • Defining Communication Channels and Target Audiences: to produce creative writing or content, and provide relevant information about the intended use and demographics of the target audience.
  • Utilizing Chained Prompts: Instead of asking ChatGPT to write a lengthy response at once, consider using chained prompts.

Hobbies, Interests? Crafting and experiencing new activities. Airbnb Experiences like walking tours, biking tours, cooking classes, and painting classes. I have been having a blast doing things that I’ve never done that look interesting. It’s a great way to reduce feelings of uncertainty and being uncomfortable.

How can our listeners contact you? You can reach out to me through my social platforms: 

Instagram: http://instagram.com/MeshellRBaker

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meshellrbaker

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeshellRBaker.

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