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Build a Buyer-Centric LinkedIn Profile
Viveka von Rosen


Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is the Co-founder of Vengreso, known as the @LinkedInExpert, and is the author of 4 best selling books on LinkedIn. She was named in Forbes (4 years running) as a top social media expert and is a regular contributor and has been featured in Forbes, FastCompany, Thrillist, BuzzFeed, Inc, CNN, Entrepreneur, Selling Power and the Social Media Examiner. 

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Is a compelling LinkedIn profile important? Viveka von Rosen is emphatic: Absolutely. Why? If you Google someone, chances are their LinkedIn profile will show up in the search results. The last thing you want is for someone to go to your profile and say “God no.” So how do you build a LinkedIn profile that sells? Focus on the buyer

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:03] Is a compelling LinkedIn profile important?
  • [1:54] What elements have the greatest impact on sales?
  • [4:02] How to tell your professional story on LinkedIn
  • [5:13] The balance between professionalism and personality
  • [6:30] How often should you update your LinkedIn profile? 
  • [8:08] Tools to build an impactful LinkedIn profile
  • [10:13] Viveka’s Top three LinkedIn dos and don’ts
  • [13:20] How updating your profile can make an impact

What elements have the greatest impact on sales?

If someone is coming to your profile for the first time, you need to make sure everything “above the fold” looks good. That means you need a professional background image and profile photo. You need a headline that speaks to your buyer. The profile needs to be buyer-centric and address what their pain points are rather than the fact that you’re a “quota-crushing” sales guy in President’s Club. Make your profile a resource—not a resume. 

Once you’re connected with someone, it becomes about the content you’re sharing. You have to post content that will help your readers (and include a call to action). If you help them solve their problems, they’re going to love you. You can weave in how your company serves the buyer. You can share how you helped a particular client. But always focus on the buyer. 

How often should you update your LinkedIn profile? 

If you’ve recently had any sort of change in your professional life, update your profile. Anytime your company does something noteworthy, update your featured section with a link to an article, blog, PR post, etc. Update your profile frequently to make sure your photo looks like you. People should go from your profile to a Zoom meeting and have a sense of who you are; you shouldn’t look completely different. If you do, it will lead to a strong disconnect and a loss of trust. 

Tools to build an impactful LinkedIn profile

Go to Your SSI Score and get your LinkedIn profile scored. The more work you do on your profile and engaging with people, the better your SSI score will be. Viveka also loves using ChatGPT to rewrite your profile. When it comes to ChatGPT, you want to share as much as you can about yourself. Copy/paste your LinkedIn profile. Have it read articles that you’ve written. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be shocked by the results. 

How updating your profile can make an impact

Viveka ran 400+ people through her company’s LinkedIn profile makeover. They did checkups to make sure the work was done. After making updates, the company saw an 847% increase in engagement. That’s why your profile needs to be up-to-date and buyer-focused. 

One woman looked at who viewed her profile every day. When she saw that an old client had viewed her profile, she reached out to him and started a conversation. Long story short, she sold him around $50,000 worth of services. It never would’ve happened if he hadn’t looked at her profile. 

Look at people who’ve viewed your profile. If they have, at least they “know” you. They’re interested in you. Why not follow up with someone interested? You never know, they might be your next deal. 

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Are there any definitive guides or resources you recommend for crafting an effective LinkedIn profile?

Here are two resources that I highly recommend for crafting an effective LinkedIn profile:

  • eBook on LinkedIn and ChatGPT: Our eBook,Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn, is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to optimize their LinkedIn profile. It focuses on making your profile more buyer-centric by leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT. This eBook provides actionable tips and prompts that can help you sell more effectively by aligning your profile with your buyer’s needs.
  • FlyMSG: This productivity tool is a game-changer for sales professionals and anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn engagement. FlyMSG serves as an autotext expander, allowing you to create and implement a sales cadence in minutes that can be deployed in seconds. Its new AI engagement feature is particularly noteworthy; it enables you to respond and engage on LinkedIn in record time. This helps you build stronger relationships and enhances your KLT (Know, Like, Trust) factor, which is crucial for any successful business interaction.

Both of these resources offer unique advantages and, when used in tandem, can significantly elevate your LinkedIn profile and overall marketing strategy

In the realm of LinkedIn branding and sales, who do you most admire and why?

Me, of course!  

But seriously, I absolutely adore Andy Foote.  He is a LinkedIn brand and content coach, and he is my go-to as for as anything new with LinkedIn and anything to do with the LinkedIn algorithm.  And he’s funny!  I mean, his headline reads: “Reassuringly expensive LinkedIn Coach.”

What are your top ten tips for someone looking to optimize their LinkedIn profile for sales – your golden advice set?

It just so happens I have a video and blog post on that! https://youtu.be/QYWHiERQGdw?si=Lj9eq3qvY4DnLwCp

Here the article with 15 tips: https://vengreso.com/blog/what-is-linkedin-profile-optimization.  Above all, keep your profile buyer centric!

  • Optimize Your Background Image for Sales
  • Your background image is your first impression. Make it resonate with your target market by including elements like your company logo, product images, or new ventures. This sets the stage for potential clients to see you as a credible sales professional.
  • Name Your Profile Picture for Credibility
  • Sales is about trust. Rename your profile picture to include keywords related to your sales expertise. This not only helps you in LinkedIn searches but also establishes your credibility when clients Google you.
  • Craft a 10-Second Elevator Pitch for Quick Engagement
  • In sales, time is of the essence. Your profile should include a 10-second elevator pitch that succinctly communicates your value proposition. This quick summary can be the difference between a prospect engaging with you or scrolling past. This can only be done on your mobile device and the feature is known as “name recognition” in your intro section.
  • Create a Sales-Focused Intro Link
  • LinkedIn now allows a customizable link in your Intro section, when you turn on Creator Mode. Use this to direct prospects to a sales page, a demo video, or a lead magnet. This is a direct call-to-action that can increase conversions.
  • Keyword-Rich Headline for Targeted Outreach
  • Your headline should not only say what you do but also who you help. Make it keyword-rich to attract the right prospects and make your outreach efforts more effective.
  • Buyer-Centric About Section
  • Your About section should speak directly to the buyer’s pain points and how you can solve them. Use keywords that your target market is likely to search for, making you more visible to potential clients.
  • Showcase Relatable Achievements in Featured and Experience Sections
  • Use these sections to showcase your relatable achievements, case studies, or testimonials. This serves as social proof and can significantly enhance your credibility in the eyes of potential clients.
  • Experience Section: More Than Just a Job Title
  • Don’t just list your job title; include keywords and phrases that highlight your sales expertise. This makes your profile more searchable and appealing to potential clients.
  • Professional URL for Easy Sharing
  • A customized LinkedIn URL is easier to share in emails or on business cards. It makes you look more professional and is easier for prospects to remember.
  • Additional Sections for Comprehensive Outreach
  • Include additional sections like Certifications or Projects to showcase your breadth of experience and skills. This provides more hooks for prospects to engage with you and can make your outreach campaigns more comprehensive.  You can add your President’s Club here 😊

By following these tips, salespeople can optimize their LinkedIn profiles to better attract, engage, and convert prospects, ultimately driving more sales and achieving greater success. 

What are the primary considerations that companies should be aware of regarding their employees’ representation on LinkedIn?

Here are the primary considerations that companies should be aware of regarding their employees’ representation on LinkedIn:

  • Employee Ownership of Profiles
  • It’s crucial to remember that each employee owns their LinkedIn profile. Companies cannot mandate changes, but they can certainly guide and encourage employees to present themselves in a way that aligns with the company’s brand and objectives.
  • Providing Templates for Consistency
  • One effective approach is to provide employees with a template or guidelines for updating their LinkedIn profiles. This ensures a level of consistency in how the company and its services/products are represented, making it easier for clients to identify and engage with team members.
  • Win-Win Scenario
  • When employees update their profiles to reflect their roles and contributions effectively, it not only elevates their professional standing but also enhances the company’s visibility and credibility. As the saying goes, “a rising tide floats all boats.” An employee’s well-crafted LinkedIn profile can serve as a valuable touchpoint for potential clients and partners, benefiting both the individual and the organization.
  • Encouraging Employee Advocacy
  • Companies can also encourage employees to share company updates, articles, and achievements. This not only amplifies the company’s reach but also positions the employees as industry thought leaders, which in turn attracts more quality connections and potential business opportunities.
  • By being mindful of these considerations, companies can foster a more cohesive and effective LinkedIn presence through their employees, without infringing on their personal ownership of their profiles.

 Do you believe companies should provide specific training for employees to utilize LinkedIn effectively? Should this be a standard part of a salesperson’s induction/onboarding process?

Yes!  In fact, we do it ourselves at Vengreso.  We run our own employees through the same LinkedIn Profile Mastery training, with the templates we provide, as we share with our clients!  We walk our talk!

Can you share some case studies or examples of how a well-crafted LinkedIn profile has significantly impacted a company’s sales or networking capabilities?

The case study focuses on how Proofpoint, an enterprise security company, leveraged Vengreso’s Selling with LinkedIn® for Teams training program to significantly boost their sales pipeline. One of the key aspects of the training was LinkedIn profile optimization. Before the training, only 14% of the sales reps felt they had above-average or better knowledge of LinkedIn. After the training, this number soared to 84%. The training emphasized the importance of a well-crafted LinkedIn profile, teaching specific techniques that could be immediately applied, such as trigger events and customizable messaging templates.

The results were compelling: 68% of the sellers experienced an increase in LinkedIn® profile views, providing more exposure to their target audience. The training also led to more connections and conversations, with 40% of sellers receiving a response from a client or prospect on LinkedIn® as a result of the training. This focus on LinkedIn profile optimization not only improved the sales team’s online presence but also had a tangible impact on their sales pipeline, contributing to $1.4M in attributable closed-won deals and $7.3M in attributable sales pipeline in the first year alone.

This case study underscores the critical role that an optimized LinkedIn profile can play in modern sales strategies, serving as a powerful tool for generating leads, building relationships, and ultimately, closing deals.

LinkedIn is constantly evolving. Are there any new features or strategies that you’re currently delving into or recommend sales professionals should explore?

LinkedIn is an ever-evolving platform, and one of the latest features they’ve introduced is an AI-based tool designed to assist in content creation and messaging. While the concept is promising, the execution leaves much to be desired; it’s not as effective as one would hope for crafting nuanced, personalized messages or posts.

 On the other hand, FlyMSG’s FlyWrite beta is a game-changer in this space. This tool is specifically designed to create compelling posts, craft personalized responses to messages, send engaging invitations, and even comment meaningfully on buyers’ posts. The AI behind FlyWrite is far more advanced, allowing for a level of customization and relevance that LinkedIn’s native AI feature currently lacks. For sales professionals looking to elevate their LinkedIn game, I highly recommend exploring FlyMSG’s FlyWrite beta. It’s a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your ability to connect with prospects and clients, thereby boosting your sales efforts.

How do you balance showcasing your hobbies and interests on LinkedIn, ensuring it complements your professional brand?

Mario Martinez, Jr is really the KING of this!  He does an amazing job of showcasing the business lessons his kids are learning. Here’s his most recent

Check out how he marries it all together!

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