Episode #382: Mario Martinez Jr.

A Formula for LinkedIn Success
Mario Martinez


Mario Martinez Jr.

Mario is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso the creators of FlyMSG AI All-inOne Productivity Assistant that types and writes for you and saves you an hour a day. He’s spent 25 years in B2B Sales, Marketing and Executive Leadership. In 2023, he was named Most Influential CEO – Software Solutions category by CEO Monthly and was selected as one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the Salesforce.com documentary film “The Story of Sales”. Mario hosts the popular The Modern Selling Podcast

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Everyone needs a compelling LinkedIn profile. Why? So people can see who you are, what you represent, and what you’re all about. Your personal profile acts like a mini website for your company. What does your company’s website show on page one? Who they help, how they help, and the business problem they solve. Speak to your customer in the same way. Mario Martinez Jr. shares his successful LinkedIn formula in this episode of Sales Reinvented. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:20] Is a compelling LinkedIn profile important?
  • [3:41] Three elements to leverage on your LinkedIn profile
  • [7:52] How to tell your professional story on LinkedIn 
  • [9:37] Balancing professionalism and personality
  • [10:41] What to update on your LinkedIn profile (and when)
  • [12:50] Tools to measure the impact of your LinkedIn profile
  • [15:52] Mario’s top LinkedIn profile dos and don’ts 
  • [17:37] Mario’s formula for LinkedIn Success

Three elements to leverage on your LinkedIn profile

Within 3–7 seconds of meeting someone, they’ve formed an opinion about whether or not they’ll trust you. Why would it be any different via social media? Someone will form an opinion based on your photo on social media. That’s the #1 element you need to think about first. Does your photo build trust? Does it represent you as you are currently? 

Secondly, what does your headline say? People want to know what you do and what business problems you solve. If your headline says “Account Executive” you’re telling someone you’re a sales rep. But if you speak to who you help, how you help them, and the problems you solve, it creates curiosity. They’ll immediately know whether or not you can help them.

Thirdly, a compelling banner image is imperative. Mario’s banner says “Imagine if you were able to save one hour a day.” If someone is interested in saving time, that is an inspirational message that compels them to learn more and potentially connect with you. 

Your successes can be spoken to inside your experience section(s). Share your accomplishments, milestones, certifications, certificates, achievements, etc. Everything else needs to be about your customers and the journey they’re on. 

What to update on your LinkedIn profile

Focus on your featured section. The first three items in your featured section are displayed on your profile. If you look at Marios, you’ll see moving giphy images. It draws people in. Ask your marketing department to add giphy’s into hero images to attract the target buyer. 

Strategically place things. What do you want people to click on first? Do the images draw people in? Do they look exactly the same? It needs to stop people in their tracks and draw their attention. Update this area frequently. 

What else can you update to keep your profile fresh? Listen to learn more! 

Tools to measure the impact of your LinkedIn profile

If someone looks at your LinkedIn profile, they may look at your activity to see what you represent. If you’re looking for a tool to help with your engagement, see if your department has an employee advocacy tool. 

You also need to be able to comment and like authentically (Leaving authentic and engaging comments is key). Vengreso’s FlyMSG can use AI to read a post and write a comment for you. If someone replies it’s an open door that warrants a connection request. Then you can engage with them one-on-one. 

Mario’s formula for LinkedIn Success

Vengreso helped a company (over 200 sellers) transform their LinkedIn profiles. Then they taught them how to engage with those buyers, connect correctly, and share valuable content. That organization saw a 683% increase over 12 months on closed deals. They saw a 3,579% increase in attributable sales pipeline related to the social sales techniques they were taught. It starts with this basic formula:

  • Make your profile speak to who you help and how you help your buyer
  • Engage with them consistently 
  • Earn the right to connect with the buyer
  • Feed your network with valuable content

If you do these things, you will see results. Learn more in this episode of Sales Reinvented! 

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Are there any definitive guides or resources you recommend for crafting an effective LinkedIn profile? The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profiles

In the realm of LinkedIn branding and sales, who do you most admire and why? Shari Levitin – She’s the real deal and a real authentic voice! 

What are your top ten tips for someone looking to optimize their LinkedIn profile for sales – your golden advice set?

  1. Your LinkedIn Profile is a Resource Not Resume.
  2. Say Cheese! – Have a Great LinkedIn Photo Headshot.
  3. Hook ‘em With a Good LinkedIn Headline.
  4. Tell them Your Story through The LinkedIn About / Summary Page.
  5. Make Your English Teacher Proud By Having Proper Grammar!
  6. Media, Media and Media – Make your Profile Pop by Adding Media to Your Profile for Buyers to Engage with.
  7. Work It, Baby! Work that LinkedIn Profile to Find, Engage, Connect and Feed your valuable network with content.
  8. LinkedIn Engagement – Not Just For Couples Anymore
  9. Compliance – Avoid the No Fun Bunch. If you’re using Automation, you’ll want to stop using it before you get thrown into LinkedIn jail.
  10. Complete the Funnel – Build Your Sales Pipeline

What are the primary considerations that companies should be aware of regarding their employees’ representation on LinkedIn? Employers must treat each and every LinkedIn profile as mini company ABC website. They should be optimized and filled with media to engage your target buyer.

Do you believe companies should provide specific training for employees to utilize LinkedIn effectively? Should this be a standard part of a salesperson’s induction/onboarding process? ANSWER: 100%. This is exactly why we provide sales training and have shown to explode sales pipeline when sellers learn how to use LinkedIn correctly. LinkedIn selling should be part of the standard training for any organization.

Can you share some case studies or examples of how a well-crafted LinkedIn profile has significantly impacted a company’s sales or networking capabilities? Here are several: https://vengreso.com/resources#case_studies

LinkedIn is constantly evolving. Are there any new features or strategies that you’re currently delving into or recommend sales professionals should explore? There are several strategies we are delving into and recommend sales professionals explore and that includes – Human Assisted AI. Not AI bots or automation! 

We just released FlyMSG AI. The portfolio includes a series of products tied to a sellers or CS reps workflow including buyer engagement. One of the products is FlyEngage AI – designed for the seller, customer service rep and/or Founder-seller to help them engage via LinkedIn with commenting. The second is FlyPosts AI – designed for the executive then seller to help them create thought leadership posts natively using our AI post generator.  Each built with enterprise-grade AI supporting up to 39 languages. Now engagement with your target buyers via social doesn’t have to take 12.5 hours to get through 50 prospects.

How do you balance showcasing your hobbies and interests on LinkedIn, ensuring it complements your professional brand? At least weekly I discuss something of personal interest and of importance to me on LinkedIn. This allows me to be a real person and engage authentically with connections and my audience. 

For listeners eager to learn more, what’s the best way to connect with you on LinkedIn or other platforms? Please connect with me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/mthreejr/ and follow us on https://vengreso.com 

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