Episode #389: Beth Granger

Simple Tweaks to Your LinkedIn Profile Make Profound Impacts
Beth Granger


Beth Granger

Beth Granger is a trainer, consultant, and speaker who works with organizations and individuals who want to unleash the power of LinkedIn, taking them from confused to confident on the platform. She is also an Exactly What to Say Certified Guide, helping people identify and elevate life’s critical conversations.

Her clients call her part friend, part consultant, part confidante, a sales enabler, and a LinkedIn Oracle.

LinkedIn recognizes Beth’s skills and frequently asks her to be a beta tester for features such as LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Audio, and newsletters.

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If you don’t have a compelling LinkedIn profile, It’s almost like you don’t exist. But how much work do you have to put into creating a compelling profile? Does it require significant time and money? According to Beth Granger, some simple tweaks to your LinkedIn profile might make all the difference. Learn more in episode #389 of Sales Reinvented. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:11] Why a compelling LinkedIn profile is important
  • [1:41] The elements that have an impact on sales
  • [2:48] How to tell your professional story on LinkedIn 
  • [3:57] Balancing professionalism and personality 
  • [6:40] How often to update your LinkedIn profile 
  • [7:56] Tools to improve your LinkedIn profile
  • [10:30] Beth’s top LinkedIn profile dos and don’ts 
  • [12:51] Simple tweaks can make a profound impact

The elements that have an impact on sales

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “Above the fold,” referring to what’s written above the fold in a newspaper. Whatever is above the fold is usually what they wanted to draw attention to. What’s above the fold on LinkedIn—your photo, background graphic, and headline—are important. 

What you say will determine whether or not someone scrolls down to read more. If people do scroll, your about section, featured section, and testimonials are all important. You can leverage each section to be a scroll-stopper. 

How to tell your professional story on LinkedIn

Imagine that you’re in a room full of people. How would you say something in person? That’s how you should share your story online. Use the real estate that LinkedIn gives you. 

How do you balance professionalism with your personality? Find what you’re comfortable with and communicate the way you do in person. Who you are online needs to be congruent with who you are in a normal conversation. 

There’s a difference between people who run their own businesses and those who work for another business. Beth is comfortable using emojis in communication. She might not do that if she worked for a larger business. Sometimes, companies outlined how you’re allowed to communicate online. 

Tools to improve your LinkedIn profile

What action can someone take that you find valuable? Some people care about the number of people that visit their profile. Others care about engagement, how many people respond to a message, or the number of conversations they have. You can use the built-in analytics to track these things. 

Beth uses Kapwing and Loom for recording videos and Canva for editing photos. She recently tested a product called “AuthoredUp” which allows you to share content and has analytics built in. Just make sure you’re allowed to use the tool on LinkedIn. 

Simple tweaks can make a profound impact

Beth worked with someone whose profile wasn’t clear about what she did. As soon as she changed her headline to focus on the clients that she served, her views increased substantially and she landed three speaking engagements. Just simple updates and tweaks had a profound impact. Think about your profile from the visitor’s perspective. Why would they want to have a conversation with you? 

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Learn More About Beth Granger

Are there any definitive guides or resources you recommend for crafting an effective LinkedIn profile?”  Happy you asked… my article about this topic would help people for sure. 


In the realm of LinkedIn branding and sales, who do you most admire and why?

I admire many people. I am lucky to be part of a global community of other trainers, speakers, and consultants who work with people to use Linkedin. A good list to look at is on my friend Jo Saunders article:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-find-linkedin-expert-jo-saunders/

What are your top ten tips for someone looking to optimize their LinkedIn profile for sales – your golden advice set?

Pick your favorite 10 from the article I shared for question number one actually. The key thing being: focusing on the profile visitor not yourself. Prospects don’t care that you’re the platinum sales winner this quarter. Be clear what products/services you offer.

What are the primary considerations that companies should be aware of regarding their employees’ representation on LinkedIn?

I love this question because I’ve worked with many companies on this. Empower and train your staff. Empower them by giving them tools (background graphic images) and training on how to best use the platform. This includes protecting the company and making the employee aware of the guidelines through a social media policy. Your team are your best advocates and having them active on the platform is like expanding your sales and marketing team. 

Do you believe companies should provide specific training for employees to utilize LinkedIn effectively? Should this be a standard part of a salesperson’s induction/onboarding process?

YES. I have done this for companies and it makes sure they are presenting both themselves and the company in a professional manner.

Can you share some case studies or examples of how a well-crafted LinkedIn profile has significantly impacted a company’s sales or networking capabilities?

The story I told on the podcast is a great example of someone who updated their profile (headline, graphic, and about section) and became more active on the platform and then noticed a huge increase in appropriate profile visits and was asked to speak/be on panels. This elevates both the individual and the organization they work for.

LinkedIn is constantly evolving. Are there any new features or strategies that you’re currently delving into or recommend sales professionals should explore?

I’m always exploring new features and have been able to be a beta tester for many features before they are released including: LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Audio,  and more. Currently, I’m exploring Collaborative (AI-generated) articles and am excited to experiment with some changes to Sales Navigator when they are released. I would caution sales professionals to not have “LinkedIn bright shiny object syndrome” and to focus on relationships. 

How do you balance showcasing your hobbies and interests on LinkedIn, ensuring it complements your professional brand?

Sharing a bit about your hobbies and interests make you more human and approachable, and that’s what we want. It gives people a reason to start a conversation. Each person has to find that balance for themselves. If you are sharing about a hobby or interest in a post and can relate it to business, that’s great.

For listeners eager to learn more, what’s the best way to connect with you on LinkedIn or other platforms?

Of course, on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethgranger (Be sure to send a message saying you came across me here). I’m also at bethgranger.com, and BethGrangerSays on Instagram. I also have a mailing list at bit.ly/getbethmail

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