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Simple Steps Towards Productivity Improvement in Sales

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Carole Mahoney

Carole Mahoney is the founder of Unbound Growth, Carole has been featured as a top sales coach by Sales Hacker and Ambition, and has coached Harvard Business School Entrepreneurial MBA students on sales. Salespeople who have been through her coaching programs have gone from on-plan to top salespeople and closed the largest deals in company history. Sales managers have coached their teams to over 130% of quota and increased customer retention to over 98%. Sales executives have cut their hiring time in half and increased the success of sales hires by over 90%.

Productivity improvement is what every sales professional is trying to reach. Struggling to reach quotas and long work days seem to be the bread and butter of the sales industry—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Carole Mahoney is here to chat with Paul about improving productivity and the positive impact it makes on every part of your life.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing & Business Management, Carole dove into a sales and marketing career. In 2014 she founded Unbound Growth—a business dedicated to coaching start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs alike to reach their goals. Carole knows how to help you move from struggling to make quotas to becoming top salespeople in your company.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [0:18] Carole Mahoney of Unbound Growth
  • [1:20] Carole’s take on Productivity
  • [2:30] Improving day to day productivity
  • [5:20] Set personal meaningful goals
  • [7:00] What attributes lend well to productivity
  • [8:20] Productivity tools, tactics, and strategies
  • [11:20] Top 3 dos and top 3 don’ts
  • [12:50] Favorite productivity story
  • [14:55] Productivity leads to a clear mind

Productivity improvement is about goal alignment

Many people struggle with productivity because they do not have clear goals set for themselves. This doesn’t just apply to the workplace. A person needs to set deeply personal meaningful goals for their life that productivity at work helps them achieve. This typically goes beyond meeting your basic needs and providing for your family (though important).

Carole recently coached someone and helped them break down their goals to the root issue: he wanted to earn $50,000 to pay for IVF so that he and his wife could build a family. That was the motivation he took to work every day to help him reach his sales goals. Carole emphasized that no goal is more important than any other—it could be as simple as a college student trying to reach independence.

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Be proactive about where your time is spent

When you aren’t able to be as productive as you think you should be, why is that happening? Are you starting your week trying to figure out what the week will look like? In sales, you are immersed in phone calls and emails. Stop letting them overwhelm you! Be proactive with your time.

What does that look like with day to day work?

The first step is setting goals, both personally and professionally. Then, set aside time to plan out what your quarter, month, and week will look like so that you dive into your day with clear objectives. Make sure those objectives line up with what you’re trying to accomplish and the goals you’ve set. Set 3 priorities that only you can accomplish and distribute or shelf the other work.

The attributes that lend well to productivity

Carole and Paul discuss some of the qualities that you should look for in potential hires that scream productivity:

Does the person take responsibility for the outcomes of any given situation?

Do they own their mistakes or make excuses?

Do they have a positive outlook?

Can they work independently or remotely?

What is their motivation?

You want to look for someone who realizes that everything they do is under their control. From the actions they take to the outlook they have when they start the workday. It all matters.

Tools, tactics, and strategies to reach productivity

Carole recommends starting somewhere simple: purchase a planner or a journal to help you map out your time. There are planners geared entirely towards sales professionals, some that are completely customizable, and all simply practical.

Then, start blocking your time. Clear one or two hours in your schedule and group similar tasks together. In doing so, you’re not forcing your brain to constantly adapt to very different tasks. Alternate these blocks of time with 5-10 minute breaks to allow yourself to recharge. The genius is in the simplicity.

Carole covers her top three “Do’s and Don’ts” and her favorite productivity story—listen on to hear the full conversation!

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More About Carole

What was the last book you read?
Company culture for Dummies by Mike Ganino

Who / What inspires you?
Lori Richardson

Are there any aspects of your own productivity skills that you are working on improving at the moment?
Currently working on self-care disciplines so that I am calm throughout the day which helps me be less frazzled, which means more present and less mistakes.

Hobbies, Interests?
reading, gardening, hiking

How can our listeners contact with you?
My Linkedin profile or email- e@carolemahoney.com